London (part 4): Monday, 28th July 2008

On Monday I originally planned to visit the British Library next to King’s Cross Station, but I thought the weather was too nice (hot, but still nice) to stay indoors. So I bought a day pass once again and went to Westminster once more. The Abbey Shop was open, so I could buy the things I wanted and thus could complete a friend’s birthday present (Yes, I know giving hints like that is a bit mean *g*). I even got stuck in front of a big screen, which showed the original broadcast of the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II in 1952. She had to wear four different layers of robes in the end! And a little Prince Charles was peaking over a railing the whole time : -)

After a last visit (and long recreational break) at St. James Park, I happened to watch the Change of the Horse Guards at Whitehall. All these ceremonies are so foreign to me, why do they still do that? In the way they do? I have no clue. A last stroll past Trafalgar Square, a last visit to Leicester Square and a last very nice lunch at Chiquito, topped with a delicious dessert. Tons of calories, pure fat and sugar, but still…. “small donuts, dusted in sugar and cinnamon, served with pots of chocolate fudge sauce and maple syrup for dipping.” Called churros and absolutely yummy!

The journey to Standstead was a smooth one and I reached the airport much too early. Thank god in one of the stores I found a great new book from an author I really like: Bill Bryson – “Shakespeare: The World as a Stage” (how fitting for this trip) And so I could sit down with a Starbucks coffee and read and block out the crowds and the sights of this uncomfortable, crowed, clearly designed for low budget airlines airport.

I was dreading the journey from Düsseldorf airport to my hometown, over an hour on train during these temperatures and a suitcase in tow. Bro2 agreed to pick me up at the station, when I asked him via text message from London. Imagine my huge surprise, when I turned on my phone after the landing, to read his offer to pick me up at the airport instead. Yay! It meant I had to wait at the airport for about 45 minutes, but that was more than ok as I needed to eat something anyway. And  after dinner I had just ordered my 3rd Starbucks coffee of the day, when he already arrived to pick me up. Perfect timing and a very nice and relaxing end to a great and exciting trip…

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4 Responses to London (part 4): Monday, 28th July 2008

  1. strandkiesel says:

    Churros haben wir auf Mallorca immer gegessen, die sind wirklich großartig. Hmmh….
    Sind sehr schöne Fotos, da hast Du ja mit dem Wetter wirklich Glück gehabt! Mir ist jedenfalls klar geworden, dass ich auch unbedingt mal wieder nach London möchte….

  2. liljan98 says:

    Ich bin auch sehr froh, dass das schöne Wetter auf den Fotos festgehalten ist. Zwischendurch zog es sich zwar mal zu, aber es blieb immer trocken. Und heiß!

    Churros kannte ich vorher gar nicht, aber in der Kombination von heißer Schokoladensauce und Ahorn Sirup fand ich die wirklich genial.

  3. graefin says:

    I really envy you!
    I’d so much love to go London again and be my own city guide for just ONE time!

  4. liljan98 says:

    I can’t believe it’s already been a week. *sigh* It’s such a great town…

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