Probably in the last week before the movie disappears from the movie theatres in Germany I managed to see “Penlope” and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes it was a little too overboard and I still haven’t figured out why her father’s love and acceptance wasn’t enough to counteract the curse. But other than that I found the story rather entertaining. Funny and sweet, typical chick-flick.

Unfortunately we shared the theatre with a dozen members from the James McAvoy fanclub. Or for whatever reason these ladies’ were there to watch this movie. But they were sort of obnoxious. I just can’t stand people who start laughing loud and hysterically during the stupidest and least funny commercials or trailers. And of course they had to swoon over the romantic scene near the end just as audibly. Can’t they enjoy and sigh internally, like I did :)?
So, the audience sucked a little bit, but the movie didn’t. And I really liked James McAvoy in the first movie I’ve ever seen him in except for his unexpected part in the Lynley serie. But could anyone please tell him to never again try this feeble attempt of a designer stubble?

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  1. bishu says:

    I like james, he is nice actor especially if can take beating from angelina and donot get upset, he got to be good.

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