Tuesday didn't start any better…

This might become a blog-a-thon day, as I already don’t have any motivation to work (=unpack the boxes) and already have something to vent about. Well, maybe not really vent, but the day started almost as bad as yesterday.
On my way to work this morning the train had to stop at Bochum, which is two stops from my destination and workplace Essen. The announcement on the train said that the tracks were closed for about 90 minutes. They didn’t give us any alternative until a few moments before we had to get off. There was a S-Bahn (which stops more frequently) taking another route. The next one would leave in 20 minutes and I knew that there would be another faster train to Essen around that time as well and hoped that would be able to take the alternative route as well. Anyway I decided to use the 20 minutes to run over to Starbucks to get my morning coffee.

There were no costumers at all at the Starbucks, which for a moment made me fear it might not be open yet, but it was after 9 AM so it had to be and of course it was. It gave me the chance to finally ask the barista in which order an order should be placed anyway. I was always wondering, but never was sure. I almost got it right though: Let the barista know if it’s to go (so they can get the pap er cup), size, then special stuff, like low-fat, additional flavour and the cafe itself at last. By the way, why isn’t low-fat the standard milk in German Starbucks as well, just like it is in Canada? Make it at least a little less un-healthy :-)
Unfortunately that barista obviously wasn’t able to multi-task (explain the order system, take care of my order and attend to new costumers), because he messed up my order and I got a hot white chocolate instead a white caffee moccha. I don’t know how THAT happened, but I only realized when I took the first sip on my way back to the station *sigh*

I got on the faster train then and for the whole 15 minute trip I had to listen to two young men talking in the most lowclass way I experienced recently. I don’t want to repeat some of it here, but it was really annoying. And of course the raised their voices (or didn’t bother to keep it down) so that the whole railway car could / had to listen. ARGH!
And of course there were still a few things missing in this temp office when I got here and I had to clean some cupboards before I could get stuff in. In what kind of mess did the guy working here before, existed in here?

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, maybe I should really start unpacking some boxes and doing some other stuff…

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