Unreliable weather forecasts….

… sort of suck. Although they obviously just got the locations wrong. The light / heavy / thundery showers did happen after all. Here. And not in London. Which was fine by me, except for the fact that I unnecessesarily carried around my small umbrella in my bag every day. At least I was clever enough to don my jacket after two days, because I never wore it and it just took up too much space in my bag. But I’m not complaining, not at all, because I’m really glad that London didn’t got the flood that obviously hit parts of my home region.

Anyway I had a great (and very sweaty) time in London and I’m too tired to catch up with all my mails, journals, news, fanfics, twitter and online stuff. I will just skim over most of it and do the thorough reading at work tomorrow :-) I really should have taken another day off to relax after that trip.  And of course there will be a post (and pictures) from this weekend sometime later this week as well…

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