36 (or something like that) days until…

I checked wikipedia and my blog archives. In 2006 new episodes of Grey’s started on September 21st. On August 28th 2006 I wrote about having seen the first really new promo. That was 24 days before the premiere date. In 2007 the season premiere was on September 27th and I had seen the first new promo on August 28th. That’s 30 days, even six days earlier than the year before.
This year the season premiere is scheduled for September 28th. Counting back 36 days (24 – 30 – 36) would make today the day I have to see the new promo!! Or at least sometime soon :-) I really hope that there will be promos out after Thursday, because Grey’s airs on Thursday nights and it would make sense to run a promo on that nights. I’m starting to become really curious and still pretty calm at the same time. There are a couple of new pictures to drool over and some bits and pieces of spoilerish information to swoon over. But honestely no reliable information leaked yet except the producers statement that Meredith and Derek will be together for good and we will see how they are going to make it work. Working on making in work, because it won’t be a walk in the park. Nonetheless a tiny new promo anytime soon would make my Grey’s fan-heart really really happy :-)

Besides waiting for a new promo I’ve been busy doing a lot of other stuff – reading, visiting Chicago Hope, attend season premiere partys of two hockey teams, take part at the Hacienda Open Steel Dart Event – plus the usual time consuming work and politic stuff, so there actually could be a lot more posts about more and different topics. But maybe because I’m so busy with work and politics and studying – I have to mention studying, because I really really ought to do more of that than I used to recently – most of the time I’m too tired and lazy to sit down and take the time to write about all the other stuff. I hope to get some of that done on Friday and Sunday though. If I’m not using these days for working on my term paper, which really needs to be worked on too.

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