And suddenly I was offline…

I usually write all my entries in a text editor and just copy them to this wordpress blog and my livejournal. Yesterday around noon I was in the process of inserting the right LJ cut and stuff at my livejournal, when my internet suddenly shut down. First I thought it was just livejournal but then I realized no other site was working and I noticed blinking lights at my DSL modem, which is never a good sign.
So I did the usual, switch off the modem, wait a while, switch it back on. Nothing changed. I tried it a couple of times, before I called the service hotline. “Due to thunderstorms there can be breakdowns in some regions” was the automatich message on the hotline. I left my apartement for the afternoon (for other reasons) but when I came back around 7 PM it still wasn’t working. And so wasn’t the hotline: “This service is temporarily unavailable…” WTF ?!? It’s a service hotline! I tried it again later and even got someone on the phone, who could only tell me that there was indeed a major connection breakdown in my region and it would take till the next morning to be up and running.

I once again realized how dependent I am on the internet nowadays. It’s really pathetic. I usually don’t mind being shut off the internet too much – or at least I can handle it – if I know it in advance. Or if I can use Bro3’s internet instead. But he is shut off for months now as well. Different story :-) Anyway, to be offline from one moment to the other sucks.

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