That's what I've been waiting for…

Finally, finally, we got the first new promo for the season premiere. The fans’ thoughts are running wild and the discussion gets heated to who is on the guerney and how any of that would fit in with the plot spoilers we’ve already got. I thought I would get more freaked out or more excited about that, but strangely enough I’m not.

This non-freakout is based on two things:

1. Multiple times Shonda said that nothing bad is going to happen to Meredith and Derek, that they are together for good and they will find a way to make their relationship work. In good and bad times. And we’ve already seen pictures of a healthy and happy couple, so I don’t think the premiere will start with a lot of big problems for those two.
2. Promos usually are designed to get attention from the viewers. And big drama is always good to get attention, wether the stuff in the promo is actually going happen on the show in the exact way it appear to happen on the promo or not. Usually it’s not going to happen the way the promo wants to make us believe. So there is no need to worry.

I’m just really happy that there finally is a first promo after all. And here it is…

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