Too tired to come up with a meaningful title…

I’m not falling in any kind. Not Apart and not in love, although I wouldn’t mind that, but that’s a different story.  To be honest I don’t even have any idea what I’m trying to say with the first two sentences. I just needed some sort of introduction to this post, in which I only wanted to write about two (new) songs which I really like at the moment and whose chorus lyrics include falling or to fall… I know it’s a really far-fetched connection and no reason at all to combine these songs in one post. But I’m feeling pretty drained right now after 3 days at work (which sucked for the most parts due to my coworker) and local politics meeting on Monday night and today and the prospect of work + another political evening meeting tomorrow night and an extra day at work on Friday. I need a vacation! [Absolutely unintentionally, I’m listening to another “falling” song while I’m writing this, I just thought I should mention it *g*]
The new Matthew Perryman Jones album “Swallow the Sea” was released yesterday! I already listened to it online and I really like it a lot. I’d say probably even a bit more than “Throwing Punches…” I can’t wait for the CD to arrive, which should happen within the next couple of days. I already pre-ordered it weeks ago. Besides my favourite song (after “Save You”, of course, I don’t think any MPJ song can top that song for me) I really really love “When it Falls Apart”, especially the lyrics. I love lines like these (and I hope I understood them correctly :-) Little words of wisdom beautifully written:

When it falls apart, the pieces fit
But you won’t see it till you’re blinded
You can let it go or hold it tight
When you lose your life you will find it

The second song has been in my CD rack / on my harddrive for a couple of months. Rather unapreciated by me, I have to admit. I bought the Ingrid Michaelson “Girls and Boys” album a few months ago (in Toronto) but just recently started to really listen to it. I had it on my mp3 cellphone for a while now. I like a lot of the songs – the ones I knew from Grey’s of course, but another one in particular. “Overboard” which is funny and lovely and just a wonderful tale of falling in love. For reasons unknown I especially like the iterative sound of the “fall… over” in the chorus. This song can be listened to in full length at

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