Grey's Anatomy 5.01/5.02 – "Dream a Little Dream of Me"

Here it is: the first of probably many absurdely extensive reviews of Grey’s Anatomy – season 5. Once again kind of sorted after medical/hospital/general stuff and characters/couples. I really liked the episode all in all, but there were a few things that I found either boring or just stupid.

The whole story about the three injured couples and their relationships with each other felt a bit dragged out. There weren’t that many breathtaking exciting things happening that would warrent a 90 minute episode. And it was kind of depressing, wasn’t it? One woman repeatedly loses her memory and the other one loses the whole world she lived in. But on the other hand it was nice to see that the friendship between these women seemed to survived all this.  Maybe that’s sort of symbolic for Meredith and Cristina? That whatever happens to them their special bond will survive it? And of course it helped Meredith to see that couples can make it work, even if they’ll hit roadblocks and will have to go through ups and downs. During the episode I was a bit worried that Meredith might change her mind about that :)

I love the idea of SGH being ranked down as teaching hospital and how the staff reacted to that was really funny. The way they tried to get some good cases and how desperate they were? Great storyline. I didn’t like the chief much though. How dare he make Meredith responsible for his lacking ability to run a decent teaching hospital? It’s not her fault he messed up all these years ago. But all in all I appreciated that this storyline brought out sides of these characters we haven’t seen much before, which definitely was fun to watch.

I already mentioned it yesterday: I could have done without Denny in this episode, because this whole “dream” seemed so random to me. I thought Izzie was over him, so why does he keep showing up? And of course I could have done without Rose. This was probably the most random and unnecessary storyline ever, but I guess the writing came full circle with that. She has been a plot device from the start. And now she’s gone. Finally! I’ll try to ingore the magically non-melting icicle but I can’t ignore how messed up the timeline on Grey’s has become this year. Season 4 started sometime in the summer (new intern year), then there was a Halloween episode (where Meredith went trick and treating for that boy’s ears). After that there was a lot of break up sex and breaking up and five weeks later the whole clinical trial started which also must have taken some time until they finally saved one and got back together. And now it’s supposed to be fall? Still? Or again? This is so messed up, it’s actually pretty annoying.

But now on to the characters. I liked Izzie ok this time. I’m glad we obviously can put the whole Izzie/George crap behind us now and she can be the nice, perky, sometimes annoying but actually sweet Izzie again. After the season 4 finale I hoped she would slowly hook up with Alex again and I think she probably would like to, but Alex preferred to go back to being a jerk instead. But this episode showed that even Alex became a better person (which I always knew he is deep inside), even though he is just scared to show that side of him yet. But I’m optimistic that we will see more change from him and maybe even some change in his relationship with Izzie.

I was curious how Callie and Erica would act around each other after that kiss. I liked the way it was done and I loved their shared freak out in the end “we can be scared together”. So cute. I found it a bit irritating that Callie didn’t research that procedure thoroughly. But of course then Erica was there to help her by being a much better teacher (encouraging, calming) than she had ever been. I really liked to see that change in Erica throughout the episode, starting with asking the chief for advice and all.

I can’t really explain why, but George is starting to get on my nerves now. Please let him pass his test soon so he doesn’t have to whine about being the joke of the hospital anymore. After season 4 I was ok with the prospect of him and Lexie becoming a couple, but now I’m not so sure anymore. I think George should be single for this season just to even things out. I mean, he is the guy who probably slept with most of the opposite sex of the main characters. And I like him, he’s sweet and cute and all, but… he is George, come on :-).
I liked Lexie a lot in this episode in her attempts to protect George and just swooning over him. The way she read that letter to Sarah-Beth was really funny, too. But I especially liked her bantering with Sloan and although I know she only stood up to him to protect George, I sensed some other vibes there as well. From reading a few other Grey’s boards I know I’m not the only one who sensed some of these special Mark/Lexie vibes. Maybe it is just that they realize they are sort of family now, even if just by proxy, but… I don’t know. Mark was surprisingly honest and lovely in their last scene, which baffeled me a little bit. I guess I’ll just have to pay extra attention to any of their encounters in the future.

Bailey was really great in that episode too. I forgot about how ambitious she actually is and how much of a surgical junkie. Waiting outside in the cold for someone seriously injured and stealing patients and all that? So funny. The “I have a dream…” was hilarious too. I definitely LOVED Owen Hunt! He is such a cool guy and a great addition to the cast because he is so different from the other guys, mainly Derek and Mark. And he definitely is so different from the guys Cristina used to fall for in the past. Her professor and Burke were boring compared to Hunt. Boring and considerate and … I don’t know how to describe the difference right now, but he definitively is different. In a good way. And I’m curious to see how he and his view of things will change Cristina. I think that conversation about “being the perfect surgeon vs. just trying to saving everyone” is just the beginning of a few more thoughtful talks they will have. Or might have.

It was so nice to see Cristina so impressed. And so “girly” in her admiration, especially when Hunt tended to her injury. “That’s my icicle. You took out my icicle…” was just hilarious. I really liked to see her more human and emotional and less guarded than she’s been for a long time. And I hope she will get to know Hunt soon :-) I loved the scene when she told Meredith to finally shut up, because as much as I can understand Meredith tendency to freak out, it was also nice to have someone to tell her to shut up. I had some difficulties figuring out her dream (the comedy highlight of this episode) though. First I thought she was afraid that like Meredith she would never be able to have a real relationship and that’s the reason they end up together. But after watching it a second time I think it was much more about her fear that she will have to “take care” of Meredith forever and that Meredith will always turn to her for advice. Which I think Cristina could easily put an end to, if she would just start to give Meredith some real advice or encouragement. Which actually brings me to Meredith.

I definitely liked her in this episode, even though she was non-stop talking about moving in / not moving in with Derek. But that’s just the way she is and I think she has been dark and twisty for so long that she is entitled to a 90 minute freak out about something so life changing as moving in together. I understand why she needs Cristina’s – her person’s – approval. Ok, now I’m switching into the amateur psycholgy mode: Meredith might be a grown-up but as far as I can see (at least the way I see her) she still got a lack of confidence. She probably never learned to trust her insticts and feelings and her abilty to make the right decision. Who should have taught her? Her dad left, her mom was anywhere but home to teach her daughter these things. Her mom wasn’t there to cheer her on in anything Meredith attempted to do. How should Meredith be able to make these life-altering decisions without anyone supporting her and cheering her on? So I totally get Meredith’s desire to have Cristina on board. And like I said above, Cristina could easily make Meredith less dependent on her opinion. [amateur psychology mode off]. I found Meredith’s rambling utterly endearing (about the five chatty children with perfect hair and all) as well as her admission that she would puke too if she had to listen to herself.

There was little Mer/Der interaction but I didn’t really mind, because the scenes we got made up for that. When she was taking care of his cut and he promised to take baby steps, no sudden moves… sooo cute. I also liked Derek and Mark together (as I always do) and for the next couple of episodes I really hope that we will finally find out a few things about Derek. We’ve learned so much about Meredith in the last season, but we really don’t know that much about Derek. His past, his family, his quirks as a roommate… :-) I’m so looking forward to the new living arrangements and I’d say his move into the “intern residence” is bound for trouble. Alex bringing home girl after girl, Izzie barging into the bedroom or occupying the kitchen for a baking fit, while Derek just wants to spend some private time with his girlfriend? So bound for trouble…

So, I think that episode was a decent start for the seasion and I’m definitely looking forward to more…

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  1. graefin says:

    Timeline thing: I think they said it was spring and that the snow and ice was simply too much for spring!

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    I think they said it’s the fall. I’d have to check it again though.

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