I almost turned on the heating this morning!

Why does it have to go from sunny 25 °C to rainy and cloudy 15 °C overnight? To be exact it already happened the night before, but either way it sucks. I almost wanted to crawl back into bed this morning. I guess that’s why I spent more than an hour in front of my computer still in my pj :-) This and the drama that once again occurs in one of my favourites thread on the Grey’s fanfic board I’m following. Why can’t people just be nice and respectful even if they disagree? I’m afraid manners really degenerate on the internet and people act and say things like they would never dare to in real life if they have to say it to your face. Thankfully I’m not caught in this drama, I’m just an annoyed and saddened spectator and I hope it won’t follow to the new place where these writers will take their fics now. I just want to read their stories in peace. Please….

Anyway I also stumbled across another great Grey’s fansite and spend some times watching the outtakes and clips from the Grey’s S4 DVD. The – hilarious as usual – outtakes can be found here at Grey’s Gabble. The site also includes another great clip from the DVD about McDreamy and McSteamy. And it’s so much fun to watch, so I’ll just give it to you as well. Enjoy.

“If I was Patrick or Eric, I might enjoy looking at myself too…”

And in this Grey’s mood I’m in I will continue working on the livejournal mood theme instead of my term paper (yes, wrong priorities, I know) but I will hopefully have the whole mood theme thing out of my head when I’m done with it. And then I can concentrate on the term paper again. I still got all of tonight and all of tomorrow for the paper, so no need to worry, right? Thank god I don’t crack under pressure when it comes to university stuff :-)

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