Showing off…

I’m afraid a got a new addiction. Writing entries for the 100×100 challenge on elevatorjunkies . But unlike the first one, which took me hours to write and revise, the second one came to me literally over night. Before I fell asleep I thought that this might be a good idea for that one prompt and this morning I sat down and finished it in mere 30-45 minutes. It’s really a fun challenge and I’m very content with that ficlet. Yeah, sometimes I like showing off!

001 – Firsts

After more than two months this was the first night she slept without tossing and turning and without desperately avoiding the huge empty space on the other side – his side – of her bed. Because that space was not empty after all. And she wasn’t lying in her bed to begin with.

It also was the first night he slept without desperately hugging the pillow that had still smelled like lavender, even though her head had not touched it for more than two months. He always preferred being able to smell her hair and hug her in person anyway.

I’ve catched up with all the stuff online like I use to every morning, so now I really should start with the household chores, I planned (and have to)┬ádo today.

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