Twittering is all I can do…

There is not much to write about at the moment. There are only tiny little bits and pieces in my head or happening to me. Totally random stuff and that’s always better put in 140 characters on twitter. (see on the right side)

The paper is handed it and I should really start studying all the literature for the next one. Or the class at least. And there are a couple of things that need to be worked on from the green party part of my life, so I guess I’ll spend tomorrow evening scheduling when I’m going to work on which of all the stuff that needs to be done. And squeeze in some chores and some reading and maybe some time relaxing? It’s almost 10 pm and I wanted to go to bed earlier today, but I really have to have a warm bath now. The tense muscles in my neck and shoulders are killing me.

I guess there won’t be much to read in this journal in the next couple of days. But there’s always random chatter on twitter :-)

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