Vacation Time… Finally!

Since May or June I planned to spend a few relaxing days in the my coworkers vacation home at the Baltic sea coast now in the late summer. No work, no voluntary stuff (politics and such), no things to do for my postgraduate studies. Just breathe and just be. I planned to read a lot and not get distracted by too many things.
But then I was too lazy on the studies part and am way behind on working on my term paper, which is due Mid-September. So I have to bring my notes and files and literature and try to find some piece and quiet (and more important some self-discipline) and continue working on it. I can only do that because the vacation home is equipped with computer and internet, which leads to another distraction. Internet access :-)

I’m determined to NOT spend too much time online though – it’s a vacation away from home, damn it – but I won’t be able to live without it if it’s so easy accessible. I know myself (hence the plead for self-discipline). I’m determined to only read (journals, blogs, news, fanfictions), because I don’t want to catch up on a whole week when I get back. I’m equally determined to not write anything, because writing is such a time consuming endeavour. Which I usually don’t mind, I love writing, but I should and more important want to really take a break from that for a week. So I might comment here and there, but refrain myself from posting. At least I’m going to try.

I probably spend some moments skimming through Grey’s episodes in my head (yes it probably is as crazy as it sounds) to find some more scenes / looks I can use for my McDreamy moodtheme. Which is something I should not be working on right now. I should not even be thinking about it, because I should be thinking about so many other things (work, politics and studies). At least I should have in the last few days and I definitely shall when I get back. But maybe thinking about a McDreamy moodtheme can be part of the whole relaxing vacation plan.
I really hope I will be able to forget about a lot of other stressful stuff (work and politcs) although some might accompany me via emails. I will really try to not let that get to me. I’m so annoyed with some things and people right now, that I definitely need to NOT think about them or have to deal with them for a while. I hope I will manage to just not let it get to me. So as long as you don’t read a freak out post here about not being able to relax and unwind, consider me busy relaxing and unwinding and I’ll be back posting and complaining and bitching on September 10th :-)

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