Grey's Anatomy 5.04 – "Brave New World"

I tried to make this short and to not touch every single topic / character on the show :-)  I actually enjoyed this episode a lot. At least much more than the last one even though it contained something far-fetched as well.

A luxury dermatology floor? Seriously? But it was entertaining to watch, so I won’t bash that storyline. I still don’t like the chief much and I’m afraid Erica Hahn still hasn’t won much of my sympathy. I sort of liked the hardcore surgeon who didn’t give a crap about Mark’s attempts to win her over. And I thought I would get used to her female side, but “girly Erica” just doesn’t feel right to me. I can’t even explain why, but it makes me less and less interested in the Callie/Erica storyline.
For the first time in a while this episode made think that the show has too many characters :-) You can’t do them all justice in 42 minutes, so some episodes leave me a bit discontent, like this one. I missed my Mark/Lexie moment. And of course I’m starting to get seriously disappointed by the lack of Meredith AND Derek screentime. Together. As a couple. So far the last two episodes gave us basically just two scenes in each one. One in the beginning, when Derek causes some kind of problem/tension and one in the end, when they make up. Last week Meredith needed to be reassured, that Derek still wants to be in a relationship with her, this week it was the other way around. So, after this was established, can we please see them acting like a couple? Right now, I’m still not seeing them as one. I want to see them do totally ordinary couple-y things and it doesn’t have to be a major storyline, but could easily be included in the main story. Coming to work together, meeting outside the cafeteria (without the old intern gang for once) to spend the lunch break together. Have 48 uninterrupted hours in wine country. Just something… And I’m not even starting to ask when we will learn a bit more about Derek, because I still haven’t given up hope that this will happen some time in this season.

This long paragraph looks like I don’t have anything positive to say about this episode. On the contrary I really liked it. It was a entertaining mix of interesting medical stories (peeling the guy’s face off!), funny moments (at the dermatology floor), sweet moments (George and the kid) tense moments and emotional moments and all in all highly enjoyable. I liked all the characters (except the stated above) and what they did and how they reacted. Derek maybe could have been a bit nicer to Izzie and Alex at Joe’s, but he had a valid point. I can understand that Derek doesn’t want to deal with this kind of personal fighting as an attending. I’m surprised that he deals so well with living in a frat house. The opening scene was sooo great.
I’m happy that Meredith followed him home from Joe’s and managed to assure him, that he matters to her and that she doesn’t choose her friends over him (which she did in the past), but I still don’t get why she did read the diary with Cristina. Why not with Derek? Or on her own? I’m curious if we will ever find out about the diary’s content, because it could trigger some great scenes with the chief or for Meredith herself, but I’m afraid the whole story probably will never come up again. Does Derek know about Meredith therapy at all? Or about Ellis’ suicide attempt?

I loved Callie’s insecurity about the whole dating a girl thing and I totally loved Bailey’s reaction. As awkward as it was I so wanted to hug Callie, because she seemed to be so lost and so embarrassed. Sara Ramirez did a great job and Chandra Wilson is awesome every time. I even liked George a lot in this episode, he is such a great guy around kids and I’m happy that he finally passed his intern exam. It was about time he could start fretting about that.
As long as we get so little Meredith and Derek screentime, my shipper heart beats a bit stronger for Alex and Izzie and I loved their storyline in this one. It was a classic: Alex being an ass, Izzie being frustrated about it, but fighting back in her own way. Mark was great with the cowboy speech as well. And the moment at Joe’s made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Awwww Alex, I just wanted to hug him. I hope he will at least let Izzie hug him soon. This guy needs to be hugged :-)

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