Grey's Anatomy 5.05 – "There Is No 'I' In Team"

Oh my God, I SOOO loved this episode. Strangely enough this will be a rather short review (for my standard at least) because I haven’t even watched the episode for a second time, which I usually do before writing a review. But I just loved this episode so much overall, that I have to write about it. Now! I didn’t even care much about this oneĀ  poorly written storyline.
But how wrong is it, that Callie asks Mark for help with her sexual difficulties? Especially because they actually are sort of friends and it just felt so so wrong to me. Even more so, because with every new episode I feel like Mark and Callie have way more chemistry then Callie and Erica. I really don’t like how the relationship of these three people are written at the moment. Besides that I don’t have a single complaint about this episode…

This domino kidney transplant was such a cool idea. Are these kind of transplants really allowed? Because the ethics can be difficult, as we could see. But that’s the stuff I want to see on this show. Cool and new and complicated procedures, which allow the staff to show how good they are at doing their job. I didn’t even mind the chief much in this episode. I loved how much Bailey put into this project and to see her as the hardcore and dedicated surgeon she is. I loved that they all had to work together on this, because I like the team work on Grey’s. And all the different patient storylines almost made me cry. When the wife met the family of her kidney receipent. Really touching.
I always like when the writers managed to write some great patient storylines to which the surgeons could relate to, without it being to obvious. I loved what their patient storyline meant for Alex and Izzie and I’m so hoping for them to work things out between them. Alex needs someone to trust and Izzie putting herself out there by saying “I care about you” was really sweet.

I found the whole “interns for George” stuff really funny as well. The former interns turned into so arrogant residents, especially Cristina and it was so awesome when Bailey set them straight in the end. I felt very bad for Lexie though, because “Dr. O’Malley” really can be a dense jerk sometimes. But I hope that might provide some more Mark/Lexie moments in the future ;-)?
I definitely enjoyed Cristina’s boys problems… thinking about screwing an intern? Sooo unexpected and really made me laugh. But of course there won’t be any need for that, now that Owen Hunt is back. And it’s not a coincidence, that they meet at Joe’s on the day before he starts working on his new job, is it :-)?

Which leads me back to THE couple. I really really loved their storyline this time, because it actually was a complete storyline and not just bookend scenes. We actually got to see them live together: sleeping in the same bed, having breakfast (sort of), having a fight, making up. What more could we ask for? And yes, Derek was a jerk for parts of the episode. But that didn’t suprise me that much, because even though he was dubbed McDreamy in episode 1.03 (?), we all know that he is NOT. Dreamy. Perfect. Or Prince Charming. Well, he can be and he is most of the time, but already a long time ago I accepted that he also can be a jerk. And I love him anway :-) Even when he get’s carried away with being praised for the Shepherd-method.

I just wish that we will someday get some more insight into why he sometimes acts the way he does. We know so much about the pasts of the other main characters, i.e. the interns and how their past turned them into the persons they are: Being Ellis daughter and left by the dad, seeing a dad bleeding out, having an alcoholic abusing dad, growing up in a trailer park (without a dad?) and so on… Derek is just as important to the whole Grey’s story, and we got some glimpse of how he grew up, but nothing concrete. I really hope these glimpse weren’t just random pieces, but might actually one day might be brought up again to explain why he is the man he is. I keep my fingers crossed for that.

But back to the Mer/Der relationship: I really enjoyed the way this conflict was played out. Meredith had valid points, she should have gotten some credit, not necessarily in the article itself, but Derek really should have acknowledge it before the article was published. And I’m so thrilled that they actually fought it out and not just ignored it and ran off from each other liked they used to do so many times before. But I also liked that the episode showed that a relationship can be complicated when you are also co-workers but with a professional gap between you. Because even if she came up with the clincal trial idea, she also dropped a kidney! I’m glad that the chief let Meredith know that’s that part of the learning process and that she had to forgive herself. And I also hope that she realized and remembers that it’s not about being the surgeon Ellis was, but about being extraordinary!

I have no words for Derek’s thanks / apology and especially his gift in the end. So so awesome. True McDreamy style. That’s all I can say about that right now.

I will definitely watch that episode again later tonight, but now I should really concentrate on the hockey radio broadcast. 0:0 after the first period, and while I’m putting up this post the Sharks scored twice early in the 2nd period. Two goals within 23 seconds. YAY!

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