Grey's Anatomy 5.06 – "Life During Wartime"

A misunderstanding on my part leads to me being at home and not at the hockey game tonight. I’ll use this time to write my traditional Grey’s review, which is a comparatively short one, because there is not much to criticize. I sooooo loved this episode, just like last week’s one. Maybe even a bit more. Two wonderful episodes in a row, that hasn’t happened in a while, has it?
Once again I liked the medical aspects this week. It was great to see Bailey in charge of a new and complicated procedure. Bailey is definitely one of my favourite surgeons, if not THE favourite. She will make a fine chief of surgery some day, because she cares about her patients and still is a hardcore surgeon when it comes down to it. The whole lab/pig storyline was very very entertaining as well. I liked the ethics issue with it and Izzie and McBadAss were the right persons to clash on that. All in all written in a very convincing way. The chief started to redeem himself with this episode. He was an ass to Meredith for  the most part, but at least he admited it and apologized. I’m wondering if the diarys will expose more of what happened in the past.

I was pretty much satisfied with the way all the relationships played out in this episode and what we learned about the characters. I’m not sure if Owen Hunt really needed such a traumatic backstory, I would have been happy with him just being the hardcore army guy, he was before. But of course some dramatic backstory can never hurt and McKidd did an excellent job portraying that. I loved how this man, she barely knows, can bring out Cristinas softer side. The way she tried to hide and how she changed her opinion about the pigs.

I’m glad how the Mark/Callie/Erica triangle ceased being a triangle with this epsiode. I was a bit disappointed, that Callie still felt the need to sleep with Mark, but in the end she explained why, so I sort of understood that. Mark was such a great guy about that. He is brutally honest, but that’s just him and I was so happy that Callie asked him out for drinks later anyway. He can be a really nice guy and a  good friend, even if he probably doesn’t think that about himself. The happy look, when Callie told him he is good for more than just sex? He definitely is just as dark and twisty as his fellow dirty mistress has been :-) This was the first episode in a long time which made me feel some sympathy for Erica, because she was so much more emotional and less embarrassingly awkward than she was before. I can so relate to the glasses story  and I mean the literal glasses story :-) I thought I saw just fine until I got my first glasses and I had to realize that the world indeed has much more depths and clarity than I thought. But that speech and especially Callies reaction almost broke my heart. So I hope these two can work things out after all.

My favourite couple Meredith and Derek, didn’t have much screen time as a couple, but that was ok, because the scenes they had showed them starting their live together. They are in a good place and that’s all I care about at the moment. The diarys will probably cause some drama in the future, but I hope they will also get through that together. And they had really great scenes seperately: Derek and Mark being pissed about Owen and Meredith and her Anatomy Jane. She was so cute about it and I had so much fun to see that Bailey was just as surgery-geek as a kid/teenager.

And of course there were Alex and Izzie. Alex was soooo adorable in that last scene. Utterly adorable. And Izzie’s reaction was very sweet as well. They are such a cute couple, once they admit that they want to be a couple. Total bliss for my Alex/Izzie shipper heart. I just hope that they will make it work just like Meredith and Derek are making it work at the moment. Let these two couples deal with difficult issues and professional problems or whatever, but please let them deal with everything as a couple. There was more than enough of the on/off relationship drama in the last few years, I really don’t need to see that anymore.

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