I feel… better

Not good yet, but better, which is a relief. The acute MS attack symptoms? Still there, but not as severe as they were almost a week ago. The meds side-effects? Still there, but either they also weakened or I only got used to them. They don’t bother me that much anymore. I’ll refrain from checking my weight for the next couple of days though, because all the hunger attacks will have put some weight on me. I got about 6 hours of sleep last night and felt rather well rested this morning, which was really weird. Due to some technical problems I didn’t manage to watch the new Grey’s before I left for the IVs and as I knew I wouldn’t be home before late afternoon I had to check out some reviews in advance. With this show I don’t really mind being spoiled. I think I’m going to like that episode, well parts of it at least. It was a relief to get me through the day :-)

Even my brain seems to be working again and made me realize, what I obviously didn’t wanted to acknowledge earlier this week. The historical novel series I’m currently reading gets trashier with every page. *sigh* I didn’t minded it that much while I was reading the first part in my drugged up state, but I had to put the second book away this morning at the neuro practice. Maybe it will finally teach my a lesson to NOT buy too many books of a series in advance without making sure I’m really going to like it well enough to read through all of them. The stack of unread books I’m planning to sell on Ebay is growing constantly. But I’m happy that my brain is obviously back in a state where I can read novels with a bit more substance again. I’m not sure if I’m willing and able to read some more serious non-fictional stuff yet, but I don’t have to.
At the neuro practice this morning I remembered that the “Made of Honour” DVD was supposed to come out today and of course I had to get to the store and buy it at once. Insanely overpriced, but I need something to indulge in to get my through the withdrawel tomorrow. Pain-meds and Paddy on the screen should help with the pain I will feel in every muscle of my upper body starting tomorrow afternoon, 30 hours after the last IV starts. So, yes, Paddy will definitely have to help with that.

I guess I will start indulging with Grey’s right now after I’ve finished this post. And then it’s almost hockey radio broadcast time. And I’ll probably have my Grey’s review up later tonight as well. I should use the time till tomorrow afternoon to be productive.

Totally unrelated: “You and I” from Ingrid Michaelson is my new favourite song at the moment. I can’t even explain why, but sometimes a song just “clicks”. With me at least. I LOVE it. Unfortunately I haven’t found an easy to access sample of the song, so you just have to trust me on this. Or you don’t. I’ll be loving the song anyway :-)

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