Sometimes It's Hard To Be a Hockey Fan

I think I might be a masochist. The music shuffle mode of my mobile phone played the unplugged version of the Toten Hosen song “Auswärtspiel” for me this afternoon. I always liked that song and the message of it. That no matter how bad your team plays or how many games they lose you’ll always support them, because that’s just what you do. It’s a message especially directed to the fans of other teams letting them know that you would never ever switch places with anyone of them, because those fans are just not like you. Well, that sort of sums it up in English. Here are the lyrics (in German) and you can listen to the complete song here at

I never thought I would ever have to take these lyrics literally. About  “no matter how many times we are defeated” or “it doesn’t matter if we rank at the bottom of the standings”… Because right now that’s the way it is for Cologne. For some strange reason, listening to that song makes my desire to be at the hockey game in Cologne and to support the team and cheer them on even bigger. Like I said, I might be a masochist.

In about 20 minutes the puck drops at the game Cologne Sharks vs. Duisburg. The last vs. second-but-last team in the league. It’s probably the most important game for Cologne so far, because if they lose this game the gap will be even bigger and it’s basically their last straw to get back on track. I’m afraid the players might not be able to endure that pressure. I don’t know. All I know is: I’m anxious and the online radio broadcast will keep me on the edge of my seat tonight. And I’m so looking forward to finally see a game in Cologne on Sunday. Show my support. Cheer them on. Probably being a masochist :-)

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3 Responses to Sometimes It's Hard To Be a Hockey Fan

  1. Heimathafen HH says:

    Tell this someone who had to endure the whole tragedy of the German Horsejumpers in Hong Kong :-( Know exactly how you feel ;-)

  2. liljan98 says:

    Oh, I remember that must have been hard for you too :-) The Sharks won last night, by the way. But they need to win so many games more…

  3. Heimathafen HH says:

    Congratulations on their match ;o) I sure hope there’ll be happier news about “my” riders soon, too…

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