Tiny little update…

I’m extremely busy at work recently and I love it. There are a few tiny things that are annoying me, but all in all it feels really nice to actually be productive and to see the result of my work. If all works out the way we hope, the next Thomas Godoj might not have to go through all the DSDS crap to become a popstar. And whoever the next popstar from our metropolitan area will be, I hope he will remember to thank me personally for all MY work. Just kidding :-)

I’ve finished “Twilight” last night and started “New Moon” this morning orn my way to work. So far I like it just as much as the first book. I’m still suprised I can enjoy something as trivial as Meyers writing, but she got me totally hooked. And it’s so funny sometimes, because she perfectly manages to grasp the absurdity of the whole “in love with a vampire” concept and to play around with the funny sides of it.

Last night I also watched the movie trailer online and thought I’d seen a familiar face. And I was right: Esme is played by Elizabeth “crazy Ava/Rebecca” Reaser. I didn’t know that before. But I wasn’t really interested in any Twilight thing before, so there was no reason for me to look up the cast that anyway.

Ok, now I really should get back to work. When I have to be productive time seems to fly and before I’ll know it I can return to my Edward *g* Oh my, there are so many things I have to do at home, so I guess I should limit my reading time (on work days at least) to my commute to an from work.

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