Weekend Recap…

Well, I guess the worst is over for now. The acute attack symptoms are better. I still suffer a bit from the side effects of the steroids IVs (after a week I finally figured out that THIS is what these meds are usually called in English *g*). Right now my body is still reacting to the withdrawel after being drugged up for five days. I had a lousy time last night, because every part of my upper body hurt. It felt even worse than it did the last time (2,5 years ago) and the pain isn’t gone completely yet. But at least right now it only feels like I’ve heavily overstrained my muscles while last night I felt like somebody has used me as a punching ball.

In all these years I’ve never had so much problems with heartburn / too much stomach acid as side-effect of the steroids IVs. It’s really bothering me this weekend, especially as I don’t have any nonprescriptions meds at home for that and have to keep it at bay with drinking a lot of water, milk and eating white bread. Which probably will have put a few more pounds on me. I checked my weight this morning and I can only hope that my body still contains lots and lots of fluids from the steroids IVs (5 x 1000 ml/day) and that my weight will get back to normal within the next week *sigh*

For the first time during the last week I felt a bit more productive today. I read some things for the local committee meetings next week and even thought about doing some stuff for job #2. My brain wasn’t up to that yet though :-) Instead I cleaned my apartment, at least superficially and even did one load of laundry, but I was feeling really tired afterwards. I guess my body still has to catch up on last week’s lack of sleep. Maybe I will read some things for my next grad school course later tonight while I’ll continue to listen to the hockey radio broadcast. The game on Friday was rather eventful and entertaining and I’m a bit sad that I’m not at the game tonight, but my body really still needs the rest today. But I haven’t been to one game in Cologne yet, which is rather unusual. I’ll definitely try to be there next weekend though.

I’ve watched so much TV shows/movies via DVD this week, that I decided to let the German TV program wash over me last night and surfed the channels, while I was trying to ignore that stupid pain in my upper body. I don’t want get into the whole quality TV debate, but I have to admit that the program on most of the public broadcast stations isn’t that bad. Well it could be much better, but at least most of the programs are sort of informative, educational, well something like that, even if it’s just a quiz show on N3. The commercial stations showed some wanna-be-celebs talking about their sex life or a new show called “Singing Company”, which probably was the worst and most embarrassing program I’ve seen recently. It really really made me cringe with vicarious embarrassment. How can any company decide to take part these kind of shows? I’m so happy about my extensive DVD collection. And my shelf of unread books. And the internet with online hockey radio :-)

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