Grey's Anatomy 5.09 – "In the Midnight Hour"

I actually liked most of this episode, but I still think the hospital is overcrowded with characters. (Spoilers ahead)
I don’t really need all these interns and storylines centred around them. I get that in this episode it was about Lexie and Sadie and their relationships with some of the main cast, but I wish the writers would have found another way to include Lexie and Sadie in main cast storylines and not the other way around.

I have no idea where the writers are heading with Izzie and Denny and honestly: I really don’t care. I just saddens me that this wonderful lovestory is cheapened (I can’t come up with a better word) with this stupid stupid ghost (or whatever) idea. I have to admit Katie Heigl and Jeffery Dean Morgan were doing a good job, but the storyline itself? Blah. Enough said.

I’m not sure what to think about the crazy secret intern surgery story. It’s hard to grasp that anyone would really be that stupid and go that far, but on the other hand I believe that things like these really can get out of control very fast. It just takes the “wrong” people meeting at the wrong time, edging each other on, trying to prove something and… well it basically just takes a few tiny things to come together for something like this to go terrible wrong. It was wrong in the  first place, I know, but I still found this storyline somewhat intriguing. Probably because of the Lexie/Sadie dynamic, although I wish they could have got that point across without all the other interns in that storyline (see above).

I feel confirmed in my idea, that at one point in their lifes Meredith and Sadie were equally dark & twisty which made them become friends. But Meredith has grown (up), while Sadie hasn’t. I’m happy for that insight into Meredith’s character, but I really don’t need to explore Sadie’s issues any further. I just don’t care. Let’s explore Derek’s issues for a change :-)
Thankfully we got a glimpse of his childhood via Mark’s storyline and what he told about his childhood. I really like Mark nowaday, but I can’t help it. This is not the guy we met in season 3, who send his interns for coffeee and who admitted that he would have be a terrible father (the Addison abortion thing and all). Because the Mark we knew back than really would have been a terrible father. The Mark we know now, would be a wonderful father, I think. Maybe the writers just let him grow into a caring, sensible person during the last few seasons? Maybe there is something in the air in Seattle ?
Anyway, I still desperately miss a Derek centered storyline on the show. I know (or at least hope) we get that in January, with the spoilers floating around the net, but I don’t want to get my hope up too much.

What else happened? The scene outside Izzie’s room in the beginning was pretty funny. Mer’s frantic call for Derek and his porno movie comment? Priceless. I can only repeat myself, I like couple-y Meredith and Derek, although I think he cares more about her than the other way around. I mean literally care, like taking care of her family and all. While Meredith’s care at the moment is limited to reading the diary in the bathroom. I don’t know how to put this and maybe I’m just longing for some more serious Meredith / Derek talk: About the diaries, about how to take the next step in their relationship (building the house), about Cristina barging in anytime . Although Cristina might not barge in any time soon, because she is mad at Meredith.

I was suprised to see their fight and I definitely didn’t see that coming. I loved the way they dealt with the intern crisis together, by the way and the way Bailey reacted to all the mayhem. Bailey lecturing her babies are always one of my favourite scenes. I just adore Bailey in every episode. Back to Cristina: I can understand that she is mad for being the only one punished for the intern mess, because it really wasn’t only her interns. But on the other hand she really could have paid more attention to them, after she already knew about the sutures and all. She maybe even should have already reported that. I don’t know why she didn’t. Maybe she didn’t wanted to be a whistle-blower? She was wrong about Meredith in one thing though: Meredith had every right to lecture about the “right thing to do”, because Cristina wasn’t doing the right thing. And knowing about right or wrong has nothing to do with being an attending or a resident or even an intern. It’s not Meredith fault that she has some kind of relationship with the chief. And Cristina didn’t have a problem with a intern/attending relationship, when she herself was in one, so… yes, she was out of line with a few things in this fight, although she might have had a point in general.
I like both characters and don’t like to see them fight, but maybe it was about time, because Meredith definitely could use a little less Cristina in her life. And her bed. Time to spend with Derek :-)  During the last episode’s podcast Shonda and Betsy talked about this friendship too and pointed out a possible conflict I didn’t see before. Meredith and Cristina are not the same, when it comes to making friends. Cristina “mates for life”, while Meredith is a “serial best friender”. And I can definitely agree with that from what we’ve seen on the show. Meredith might have had several “persons” at every different stage of her life, she had Sadie at one point. But people change and friendships might change as well when you take different paths in your life. And I honestely can’t see Cristina having had another “person” before. She might have, but from what we’ve seen on the show, she is a rather private person and doesn’t get close to somebody else easily. And when she does it is serious. Maybe that even has been part of her fury in the fight with Meredith.

And do I have to say once more how much I love Mark and Lexie? Although they are not “Mark AND Lexie” (yet) and maybe never will be. But I just love their scenes together or the scenes when Mark and Derek are talking about “little Grey”. It’s so adorable. And then there also were Cristina and Owen, who didn’t have much scenes together but I really liked their last one. Cristina, just kiss him already!

So, all this wonderful interaction between my favourite couples and characters sort of made up for the Denny and Izzie crap. I just keep my fingers crossed that Denny will go back to his dead guy friends rather sooner than later.

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    Hey! I found you through the tag surfer after I wrote a post on the denny izzy mess on greys. I totally agree, there are so many great stories going on underneath the dead line that are getting totally ignored because of the shock factor that JDM wont stay dead.

    check out my post too if you have time:

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