I am SOOOO stupid! I Lost My Canada Scarf!

I never missed the unlimited internet access at work more than today. I had to get this off my chest and put it down on paper (well in bits and bytes) but knew I couldn’t post it until I got home now. So I just wrote it down anyway and mailed it home and am posting it now, before I grab a bite to eat and catch up on all comments, blogs and stuff I missed during the day.

I am so so so soooooooooooooo stupid. If it were anatomically possible to kick my own ass I would do it. Multiple times.

It was windy and chilly when I left home this morning  and I knew I had to wait on the train platform for a while, so I wore my scarf. My wonderful, awesome Team Canada scarf. I took it off on the train and put it on the seat next to me, because the heating was on and I felt so warm. When I got off  the train at the final stop in Essen I obviously forgot to take the scarf with me. ARGH! I only realized it when I left the bakery in the station and at once I went back to the platform. The train stays at the platform for a couple of minutes before it returns back to its starting point.

I asked the train driver if a scarf had been found, but as far as he know, there wasn’t. And then I hurried through the train especially the section I had sat in and asked the new passengers, but none had seen the scarf. I still have the tiny hope that it might just have fallen down and thus wasn’t noticed by them or me at that moment. No scarf was handed in at the main station’s lost and found either. I already called the rail company to report the loss and I hope, that the scarf still might be found (and returned) by someone. Someone who might realize that it’s not an ordinary scarf, but a scarf which means something to its owner.

I soooo could kick my ass right now!. If anyone want to come over and do it, feel free to do so. With my tendancy to forget/lose stuff, I think it’s good that I don’t have any pets or even kids. I’d already be in jail convicted for negligence. And the worst part is that I can’t really blame anyone except myself. ARGH!

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