A few very short updates on parts of my life…

Work: I should have remembered that mailing the xmas cards is a lot of work. A LOT of work. Stupid work. It sucks and we haven’t even really started yet.

Greens / Politics: I missed a few meetings and am soo behind with some assignments. I feel so guilty. But I can’t bring myself to work on that stuff more than necessary at the moment. I feel inadequate too often. I sometimes do so in job #2 by the way. So, yes, inadequate and partially paranoid. I try to ignore the pile of folders, documents and stuff I have to work on or to just sort. It’s all postponed until my xmas vacation, which will be a very busy vacation with doing all the things I already have postponed for these two weeks.

Chores: Let’s say I’m glad I only spent 90 minutes of each day awake in my apartement during the last three days. It’s a mess and the laundry piles up. I actually wanted to iron some stuff tonight and also put another load into the machine, but I’m too tired to do any of it. I won’t have more time tomorrow though, so it will probably be postponed till Friday or Saturday. I’m such a lousy housewife. My mom would be embarrassed if she knew :)

Toten Hosen concert: Was awesome last night. Every once in while it’s helpful and healthy to sing/yell and rock and just have an extremly good time with 12.000 other people.

Weather: It sucks. I probably wouldn’t mind, if it actually snowed. But this chilly rain and wind is just nasty. My lips are chapped and I forgot to keep the air humidty inside at a reasonable level. My skin especially at my hands is raw and sore. which sucks.

More minor annoyances: Rude cardrivers. Rude people in general. My own stupidity. My tendency to let things fall off my hands or to knock things over. That something seems to have gone wrong with my CD order at play.com. My recently arisen inability to not buy everything I see. I didn’t really need this new set of bed linen. But I definitey could use a new comfy blanket :).

Things to cheer me up: Last.fm plays “Sante Fe” for me, which is ine of my all time favourite songs. The following songs also had me bouncing through my apartement. Thank God for wireless headphones. Contrary to what I thought, Brothers & Sisters wasn’t already on xmas break. Yay! So I’ll know who to spend my evening with. And I might also put in “Love… Actually” which I bought a few days ago. Yes, I know it’s most probably going to be on TV as well, but I just felt the need to buy it anyway. It was a special offer.

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