How To Cheer Up a Cranky Me…

I was cranky all day long. I didn’t even know why, which made me even crankier. I was even annoyed at myself for still not being in any kind of christmas mood. I’m not the biggest christmas lover, but I usually ain’t a Grinch either. Being annoyed at myself didn’t help to lighten the crankyness, as you might imagine. There were (and still are) too many things wrecking my brain, all kind of things and most of them were so diffuse that I couldn’t even put that thought into a coherent sentence. If that makes any sense to anyone. Probably not and that might be part of my problem. Anyway I was cranky and I didn’t think a blog post today would consist of more than the message: I’m cranky. Don’t mess with me today. This week. Ever.

But a blog post might have also informed you about one thing that lightened up my mood today : Listening to the Reamonn song “Aeroplane”. I LOVE that one and I try to take some of the lines to heart, even though it’s not about overcoming the state of being cranky. “I thought that giving up would be easier, but it’s harder not to try”. I have no idea if it fits to the state I’m in at all, but I just like that line and I will listen to that song repeatedly until I like another line in another song better :-)

So, that was the blog post, which would have been, if I hadn’t found something to cheer me up this afternoon. I have to get back in time for that one… Almost a year ago someone lendlend me the first season of “The West Wing”. And I never got around to watching it, because I never was in the mood or didn’t find the time or for any other reason. But I started this weekend and I loved the three episodes I’ve seen so far. I almost kicked my ass for not starting to watch it earlier.
When I checked my outstanding order at I even looked up prices for West Wing DVDs. Even though the price was reasonable I didn’t really think of buying one yet. There was still season 1 to finish and anyway I bought enough CDs and DVD and stuff in general recently. I got a christmas bonus paycheck to spend, but I don’t have to do that in a couple of days, do I? Well, obviously I do… :-) This afternoon someone brought my my attention to a special DVD offer at Amazon UK. They is a special bargain for DVD sets and boxes of various TV shows. A very good bargain and a lot of TV shows. 
End of story: Within five minutes after reading that blog post I placed my order. Sometime in January my credit card will be charged with about 60 EUR (=$85). But already by the end of this week “The Complete West Wing” will be delivered to my doorsteps. All seven seasons. 44 DVDs. 6720 minutes running time. I am insane, ain’t I? But I just couldn’t resist that offer .That’s only 7,50 EUR per season, which is… an insanely good bargain, so I couldn’t not buy this set.

With all the things going on at the moment and all the things on my mind I have no idea when I will ever find the time to watch more than a couple of episodes. I might have to take a sabbatical to watch all of that :-) But no matter, when I will actually get around to do it (and I know I won’t and can’t watch the episodes all in a row) the mere fact that I will get that box soon and be able to watch it whenever I want to, makes me strangely happy. Which probably is the most insane thing of it all. I’m such a TV show junkie…

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