"I Just Wanna Be Ok…"

I don’t know what I did this weekend to annoy my lower back. But it hurts. Not as bad as a lumbago and not even as bad as it did in August (after my trip to London). But it hurt enough to not go to a committee meeting and the green party meeting tonight and see my GP instead. She doesn’t do any kind of manual therapy (I still miss my old one with his magic hands), but I guess I can give her treatment a try as well. So I got a few injections to loosen the tense muscles in my back + 10 minutes of heat treatment. This will be repeated tomorrow and the day after and I hope it will be much better then. I also have some heating pack on my back right now, because that definitely can’t hurt.

I’ll stay home for the next two days to give my back some rest and to even be able to go to the therapy appointments, but I’ll most probably will go to work (in the office) on Thursday and work on some stuff from home until then. I can write some of the text I wanted to write this week on this computer at home and just mail it to my co-worker. One of the many advantages of the internet.
If my back problems won’t get worse (which I hope they won’t) I will be on a concert on Wednesday night and I would feel bad to still call in sick after that, because actually I shouldn’t even be going to this concert, if I’m on sick leave. Which is no big deal with my co-worker and bosses and all, but I’d still feel bad about it.

Another advantage of the internet (and especially twitter in this case) is: You find out about upcoming concerts in time. I don’t know how I could miss the show dates on Ingrid Michaelsons myspace page, but I obviously did. She was the supporting act for Jason Mraz a few weeks ago, and I only found out about that when it already had taken place. And I wouldn’t have gone to Munich for that anway, but was mad at myself, that I hadn’t known about that in advance. So I was determined to keep an eye on her tour dates. But these slipped under my radar.
This morning on twitter Ingrid was talking about people speaking German and Germany in general and I checked her official site again and saw two shows in Germany: Tomorrow in Berlin and the day after in Cologne. Wooohooo! I can’t believe I had almost missed that. Cologne is just an hour away and of course I’m going to see her in concert. I even already got my ticket (90 minutes after I found out about the concert). Yay! Just a few days ago I read about her shows on another journal and thought I would probably never be able to see one, because why should Ingrid perform as headliner in Germany after all. But she does. In a very small club but it’s in Cologne and that’s all that matters. Yay! So my back has to be not hurting that much on Wednesday, please.

She will also be on “TV Total” tonight, which I also only found out, because she twittered about the camera rehearsal and I’m so looking forward to see her there. I’m also dying to read about her thoughts on the show in general, later on twitter or myspace. And I’ll be seeing her on stage in less than 48 hours. Woooohoooo!

Now I’m off to re-heat my heating pad and try to catch up with the last three episodes of “Die Anwälte”. Oh, and totally random and for German readers only, I guess: Elke Heidenreich and “Lesen!” are back. Online this time, which is such a cool idea. I just watched the first show at litCOLONY and already know that I’m going to buy two of the books, she and Campino presented. Of course she had something to say about ZDF and her dismissal and about how happy she is about doing the show someplace else: “Vor mir kein Gejodel, nach mir keine Kochshow und weit und breit kein Kerner…”. Oh so true!

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