Notes from the Christmas Vacation…

How unhealthy is it to have dinner around 10.30 pm? Well I’ll just pretend I’m living in Italy :-)

I have a hard time staying out of the West Wing these days. A really really hard time. Thank god I’m on vacation and don’t neglect anything important. Except all the stuff I wanted to do during this time off. Well, it’s not so bady (yet) and I got some things done, when I stayed away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I made a backup of the important files (+ music, photos and such) of my computer harddrive to an external drive. I finished a long overdue update for a fan-website (there are still a lot to work on though). I wrote down a few ideas for all 10 questions of the assignment for the mobility course. And I started reading the stuff for the Enviromental Education course again. I think I did ok for a first day of doing school stuff since the middle of November.

My family had a rather laid back Christmas Eve like usual, but it was nice (as usual). It was great to have our mom back home even if it’s just for a few days. And I finally have a “date” for New Year’s Eve. It will be just as laid back, I guess. A friend and I will refresh our LOST memory with watching a few episodes from the last season. The new season starts on the 21th January and we definitely have to refresh our knowledge of all the things that happened. And then we will have cheese fondue with her parents and sister, so… yes, very laid back I guess. But I don’t think I’d be in the mood for a big loud party anyway so these plans are perfect.

My back is troubling me again, maybe because I’ve lounged to much in the last couple of days :-)? Anyway it sucks and I don’t know if I want to see a doc about that again. I just might need a skilled physical therapist who knows how to manipulate my joints. I know that part of the problem or more exactly the cause of the problem is that I’m so unfit and do so little sports or workout. None at all during the last year actually. This re-occured back pains finally made me seriously consider signing up in a gym. “Kieser Training” to be exact, because I think that’s the best choice for me.  I don’t need a fancy gym which offers a lot of different courses, has a stylish bar and nonstop music television. I just need some machines to train my muscles and a decent supervision by the staff. Well at least that’s what I hope to find at Kieser. I booked a introductionary session on 7th January after work and then I’ll see how that goes.

Now I think I’ll visit the White House one more time. I’ve watched episodes 1.11 and 1.12 this afternoon. During 1.12. “He Shall From Time To Time…” where the president is about to deliver the State of the Union Address and has the flu, I was majorly disappointed with the show for a moment. Anyone who has been following this blog during the last year might know why this annoyed me: “He has multiple sclerosis. A fever could be life threatening.” I sat there and thought: Oh no, the writers seemed to researched all the political stuff correctly, can’t they do that with their medical stuff as well. It is in fact true, that any kind of high temperature might trigger an attack, but to me that doesn’t mean a threat to life. I forgive the writers for that though, because I actually like the way they handled this story already in the next scene.
So the US President has multiple sclerosis. Relapsing-remittend (just like me, by the way *g*), he has got a normal life expectancy and he deals pretty well with that. He has been dealing with that for several years already. I’m not sure if something like that could really be kept a secret for any politician running for president, but I love that he tried and obviously managed to keep it a secret so far. He would have had no chance of winning and he knows that. “Because I wanted to become president”. Oh, I wanted to hug him, because I know what that feels like. Not wanting to become president, but to keep your health status to yourself, because you’re afraid that it might be the only thing people will associate you with. Anyway I love that President Bartlet and I have that in common. :-)

I’m inclinded to post some of my favourite quotes from the show, because the dialogues are awesome a lot of times, and President Bartlet’s comments are just the best. But I’ll keep the quotes to a minimum, because I want to watch another episode tonight :-)

Leo: You are really going to let him loose in the White House? Where there are women and drinks ?!?!
Bartlet: We can hide the women. And the man deserves a drink…


Bartlet: “I will meet the Indian Ambassador in the Oval Office. And then please just ask the Secret Service to step in and kill me.”

and my favourite from episode 1.12.

Bartlet: “I was watching a talkshow with young women who had some sort of problem with their boyfriends. Apparently because the boyfriends all slept with the girlfriends mothers. And then they brought the boyfriends out and they all fought. Right there on television. Toby, tell me: these people don’t vote, do they?”

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