Comfy in Blue

To care less… was part of my new year resolution. So I try to get over the fact, that public transport sucked again this afternoon. Because seriously, what would bitching about it change? Not a thing… Well, it’s easy to say, because I already had my share of bitching yesterday :-) And I admit I was pissed off again, but I tried to live with it. Good news: My 4-day-work-week is over. Yay! And I’ll be able to watch a new Grey’s (and Private Practice) episode tomorrow. Double Yay! So that’s all good news, right? The weather around here… not so much. I’m freezing my ass off on my 10 minute walk to or from the train station. Well, maybe not my ass, but my nose and all the uncovered parts of my face.

The heat plaster I put on my shoulder about 30 minutes ago more than makes up for that though. I’m tempted to tear it off again, because it is hot. As it should be, but still… I might google side affects of and possible complications of using heat plasters now :-) Or I might just endure it for a while longer and hope that it will help to losen the tension in my shoulder and neck.

And neck is the cue for the original topic of this post. About 2 or 3 weeks ago I bought a super comfy and soft new blanket for my TV and Book nights in my comfy armchair. Today I also bought a super super super comfy neck pillow with special snug microbead filling. Or maybe I just bought it because it fits the color of the armchair and the blanket :-)? Anyway, that’s where I’m going to retreat to now…

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