Grey's Anatomy 5.11 – "Wish You Were Here"

What can I say? I pretty much loved this episode. One of the most enjoyable to watch this season, I’d say…

Of course there were a few things which either bored or annoyed me, but at least they did less than in earlier episodes. There are still too many characters around. I’m not sure who I’d want to leave though. Well Sadie, first of all. Although she doesn’t annoy me much, I still don’t see what’s her point of being on the show. Some other character could have given Meredith advice how to fix things with Cristina. Callie could be interested in some random woman or man or whatever she really is into now.
I wouldn’t actually miss the chief much either. Except that the hospital needs a chief, but he became such a boring and useless character. George on the other hand hasn’t had anything to do lately. There were very specific rumours about TR Knight leaving the show. Now there are very serious rumours that he won’t, so I don’t know what to think of that. Oh and of course there is Denny, who actually left the show in… how many years ago? And he is still hanging around, which is still the lamest story idea ever. I didn’t care at all about the patient with the tumor, but of course Mark and Callie needed some kind of medical storyline to have to work together (and with their interns).

I liked this kid, Jackson. I liked how he tried to convince one of the doctors to sign the form for this Get-A-Wish thing and it broke my heart to see Alex do so in the end. Alex is always great with kids, he was great with babies and on gynie so I really hope he will choose peds or neo-natal as his specialty. Alex was also great with Izzie. I’m not sure what made him react so cool to Izzie’s confession about seeing Denny. Either it’s because he really really loves her or because he had his share of crazy in his life, so that it takes more to freak him out than seeing a dead guy. But I found his non-freak-out reaction very typical Alex. And he had some great lines in this “Tell him I said ‘Hi’ “ :-) Alex’ reaction made the whole Izzie/Denny crap endurable. And I hope Denny will disappear for goood at the end of this three-episode-arch.

I usually like and adore Bailey, but she was crossing a line here. I can understand that she cares very much about that kid, but it was wrong to doubt Dr. Robbins skills and experience. Sometimes even Bailey lets her emotions get in the way of professional judgement I guess. I’m glad that she came to her senses in the end, even if it took a dressing down from the chief and from Dr. Robbins, who actually really should have changed her name, Bailey had a good point there.

I like Mark and Lexie together (I always did) and I wouldn’t mind to see them become a couple. I also like Mark and Callie, but as friends (without benefits now) and I think Mark can only benefit from having serious relationships/friendships with these two women, instead of sleeping around with random ones. These two will keep him in line :-) These scenes with Mark and Callie were a lot of fun to watch, but of course Mark had to “go to Denver” in the end. But he had some great scenes and lines before that, which I liked a lot.

Who else is there? Cristina and Owen of course. And Cristina and Meredith. And Meredith and Derek. Not to mention their patient. Eric Stolz did a great job so far and I’m sure he will manage to manipulate Mer in some way during the next two episodes. Meredith can be so naive sometimes. I don’t know why, but I suddenly remembered Dr. Wyatt’s “You’re careless with your life.” I’m not sure if Meredith really knows how dangerous this guy is or could be. But maybe I’m reading too much into this. Anyway I I’m sure¬† she will get into some sort of trouble with this guy. Although I have to admit I liked that she cared about their patient, no matter what kind of crime he committed. And that she stood up to Derek in the exam room and that she called him out on his behaviour.
Should Meredith apologize to Cristina again? I’m not sure… I have to admit I had to think hard to remember what they were actually fighting about. When this goes on longer, they probably won’t even remember it themselves. It’s a change to see them so bitchy with each other but it’s sort of entertaining. For the moment at least, because I’m sure they will make up. Someone will apologize. Until then I’ll enjoy watching this and especially watch their friends reactions to this fight¬† “When you kill her, will it be a crime of passion?”

Owen and Cristina? I’m not quite sure what to make of these two. Their relationship is a strange one at the moment, on and off, hot and cold and they just never seem to be in the right mood at the same time. I hope they will figure it out though, because I think they would be good together and good for each other. I enjoyed Owens scenes with Derek when they were bonding over “their” girlfriends silent act.

Who’s left? Derek and Meredith. Derek most of all. It seemed like this episode was meant to make up for his lack of screentime until now, because he got a lot of screentime and I loved it. All of it. Starting with the nakedness and quickie in the beginning. Finally we see them with their clothes off again. For a couple who started with a one night stand and went through a sex & mockery phase, they seemed pretty celebate recently :-)
I always had a soft spot for angry Derek, I can’t even explain why. Ever since I saw the first promo or sneak I had the idea, that his reaction to the death row patient had very personal reasons. And as we know almost nothing about his life before Seattle, his childhood, his dead dad etc, I was pretty sure that his dad had indeed been killed. Yay for my skill of foretelling. Or was it too predictable for anyone? Anyway, I loved to see him angry, well showing some sort of emotion, just showing up on my screen at all, no matter what he did or what he felt :-) Meredith might have been a bit more empathetic when he told her, hugged him or say something more, but she is still new to this whole relationship thing, so I didn’t mind that much.

I can’t shake the feeling that Derek will take over the chief’s job sooner than later. Or to at least take on some more administrative responsibilty. Get away from surgery for a bit and all the deaths he has to live with. He already mentioned to be tired of all this in the last episode and he seemed rather frustrated with this part of his job when he argued with Mer about what the death row patient said to him. And the Chief is tired of running this hospital so it would be a perfect solution, I think. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I absolutely loved their last scene in the living room. It was lovely to see Derek share something very personal with Meredith and that he still wanted to cheer up Meredith and make things better for her. The dancing was adorably dorky. When he took Meredith out to the trailer for the first time (in season 1) among all the random things he told her was “I never dance in public.” I guess this episode proved why. And that it’s a good thing that he doesn’t :-) Dorky, but adorable. And I squeed in delight when he huggd her in the end, because it’s just such a sweet scene. Yes, I’m a totally MerDer freak, I know. I admit it… I really hope to find a wallpaper with pictures from that scene soon…

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