LOST – 5.01 "Because You Left" / 5.02 "The Lie"

I justĀ  love this show!
I have no idea if I have understood the time-travelling business, and I have no idea why Locke has to die or why Richard obviously isn’t dislocated in time (although that might explain why he doesn’t age). I still haven’t understood why Sun blames Locke and not Widmore. I don’t know what to think of Charlotte symptoms. I thought it was a really cool idea to have the Losties on the island stray around through time. The whole timetravel idea is pretty cool, even if I don’t fully understand that. I have absolutely no idea why it would help if the Ocean Six returned to the island. I have to check Lostpedia or “The Hatch” to confirm if the police officers looking for and arresting Hurley are who I think they are, because I was pretty sure one of them was “Bruce Darnell” *ggg* Well, the black guy who we still don’t know who he is working for.
I adore the way this story is told and how the dynamic among the Ocean Six and Ben have changed. Who is helping who and why. And although I haven’t confirmed it yet, I’m sure that the woman we saw with Ben in the end, was the same woman Desmond met in his first timetravel thing. Whatever that was. Didn’t he buy a ring at her shop? I have to check that again. And more importantly: The moment Dan told Desmond to look for his mother in Oxford I knew that it would be that woman. Well, it’s not confirmed yet, that this woman in the last scene actually is Dan’s mother, but I’m pretty sure she is. The whole show is soooo cool, I’m at loss for words.

Except for two things: I LOVE Hurley. He is just adorable. And he has the best lines: “Maybe, if you would eat more comfy food, you didn’t have to shoot people.” That’s going to be my excuse for indulging in chocolate and stuff. And of course there was Sawyer. Not wearing a shirt for a complete episode. What more could I wish for :-)

LOST is back. Yay!

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