The Year 2009

One of my many – more or less serious – new year’s resolution is to spend less time online or at least less time blogging. Try to limit it to the things really worth writing about, because writing a blog post takes a while. No matter in what language. I’m also determined to use twitter more frequently to deal with my still existing need to just get things and thoughts out to the world and not put all of that into an elaborate blog post.

I thought about writing a 2008 recap or do one of the various memes and even started writing something until I realized that it keeps me from some of the other stuff I should or want to be doing. Let’s wait and see how that resolution will work out :-)

I’ve got one basic wish and one basic resolution for 2009 though.

I hope that all of my family and friends (and myself, of course) will have a healthy and safe and happy year.

My resolution is rather basic and broad and some sort of alteration of the Serenity Prayer:

To care more and to care less and most important to know when to do which.

Have a healthy, safe and happy 2009 everyone…

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