Chocolate Withdrawal..

Will there ever be a time when I’m not that insanely busy and when I won’t feel like I’m in over my head *sigh*? I have canceled a meeting tonight, because I started to get a headache this afternoon and I had not interest in sitting through another not very interesting meeting with a pounding head. Took some aspirin and actually planned to rest at home. But then there were things to do for job#2 and some local politics stuff and… ups, it past 8 pm already. I will have to postpone working through some study material for one of my termpapers till tomorrow.

With all that stuff going on and keeping me busy I maybe should have passed on this year’s Lent. I usually gave up chocolate for Lent in the recent years and managed that quite well actually. But right now and even already yesterday I’m craving chocolate to calm my nerves. On the other hand it’s alarming how naturally I consume anything chocolate-y during the day / week. Not in huge amounts, but regulary. I’m not sure if I already drank that much Starbucks Coffee during the last years or if I did, I cheated a bit during Lent, because every kind of Cafe Moccha could and should be considered chocolate and thus not allowed. And that actually feels like torture. Selfinflicted torture. Why on earth am I doing this? Oh yes, right, to prove that I can. Once a year for a couple of weeks. Still… I was so tempted to hop into the Starbucks this afternoon. But I didn’t. Yay.

Our local Greens are also doing some kind of Lent campaign: Reduce our CO2 impact. We choose different ways and I decided to pay more attention to the “CO2 footprint” of the products (groceries and otherwise) I buy. Which means to preferably buy fruits and vegetables of the season and region. And to basically check the labels for the production site, because the farther away something was produced the more CO2 will be caused with transporting it. Ok, that’s the idea in a nutshell and the whole issue is much more complicated. This is just a test, if an ordinary costumer is able to find out the CO2 impact of a product. And how to act, when you do. So it’s not really giving up something, but more paying a bit more attention to consumption habits. I don’t think I’d care how far the chocolate had to travel though, if I could just have some now…

On a happier note: Today I bought tickets for the only German concert of “The Fray”. May 7th. Yay! I’m really looking forward to that.

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