I Need Hermione's Time-Turner!

I started the last entry with “I’m so exhausted”, I think. Well I still am. Although not that much exhausted but more stressed. Again or still. My week needs more days and my days need more hours. What’s really annoying is that it’s not even fun or personal stuff that’s keeping me busy. But work and local politics. And work :-)
I even have to do a lot of work-related stuff tomorrow, even though Friday actually is my day off. In job#1 at least, but I still got a lot of stuff to organize in job#2. Phonecalls to make and all. I usually start my Friday with watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m such an addict, that I can’t imagine pushing that back until the afternoon. But I also don’t want to be forced to take a break in the middle of an episode to answer some phonecalls. Which might happen, if I don’t get some other stuff done in the morning. So I guess I’ll have to get up extra early, watch the episode and start working / phoning around 8.30 or 9 AM. We’ll see. Don’T get me started on all the other not-work-related stuff I have to get done over the weekend. I really really have to read some of the grad school literature and work on my term papers. I haven’t done that for a long while. But I don’t know when I should have found the time for that…

So I’m off to bed soon, probably listening for a bit to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter. These audiobooks are really awesome and been a big joy to me in the last couple of days. During the annyoing commute to work and such. Another positive thing to report: I started with Kieser Training again today after I took a 3 week break because of the lower back pain. My back didn’t bother me at all during the work out and I feel that I’ve worked out. Which feels great.

And because I’m so tired, there are just a few thoughts on the new LOST

Last week I was ok with the timetravel, but this week even I get to be a bit bored by this. Or not bored so much, but at least I think the whole think is starting to get lame. I’m not sure what to think of having Locke & Co meet everybody that’s been involved in the mystery of the island in all kinds of different years. I’m also not sure what to think of Jin. I would think that Locke & Co will meet him soon as well, although I’m not sure if Jin really will be part of the timetravel group, because he was not on the island or in the “bubble” when it started. Was he? But, wait, he has to be, because he is there in the past. What I don’t get is, why Locke didn’t tell Sun that Jin is still alive on the island, when he visited her. Or didn’t he visit her? Did she refuse to meet him? Didn’t she believe him? I guess time will tell.
I usually don’t brag, but the moment Kate talked to that lawyer in his office, I knew (or at least suspected) that Ben was the client in the custody case. And that he only set all of that up, even with the lawyer being Mrs Litteltons lawyer, just to get Kate to that pier. I’m curious to see what will happen with Sun there. And I’m curious about a lot of other things, but now I’m too tired to form a coherent sentence, so I’d better sign off for today.

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