Life in a Nutshell…

There not really much to tell since my last post.

I still got lots and lots of things to do and no idea how to manage to do them all. The fact that local elections are now definitely postponed until the end of August might help a bit with that. Although this completely screws up my vacation plans for this year. I have no idea when I will be able to take the 3 weeks off like I planned. Or if I’ll be able to take 3 weeks off at all.

I went to my Kieser workout twice this week. Yay me! Had too much mint cafe moccha (my new favourite at Starbucks) afterwards, but at least I’m training my muscles and that’s more important than losing weight. At least that’s what I’m telling myself :-)

I still immensly enjoy listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks. I’m in the middle of “Goblet of Fire” and Stephen Fry is doing such an incredible job.

I’m at facebook now (as some of you might already have noticed). I’m still not sure how I will really use this or if at all. I do know that I will try to keep fandom stuff out of it and to keep it more work, study and politcs centered. Let’s see how that will work out…

After days and actually weeks of “Shall I or Shall I not?” I spend a lot of money on my first trollbeads bracelet and beads this morning. I’ve been thinking about getting some sort of bracelet for a while now and this kind just seemed like the right one to me. Or maybe the advertisment at the juwelry store I pass frequently just worked on me. I don’t know… :-)  The thing is I haven’t even been a jewelry kind of girl before. But there was this idea of getting a bracelet… So here is the beginning of my trollbead collection, which I’m sure will grow over time, because they’ve got so many really nice beads and stuff.

It might sound weird, but I really enjoy wearing it. There always is a soft jingle to every movement. And when I got home this afternoon I found a letter from the tax office. Due to some changes in the tax laws, I got a 200 EUR refund from year 2007. It’s like I’ve sensed that this morning when I bought the expensive jewelry.

I’m planning to watch GA and PP early tomorrow morning so shouId better go to bed soon. Oh, and I’m getting a bit frustrated with LOST at the moment. Which makes me a bit sad. Well, maybe that’s just a phase…

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