Sleep deprived Random Thoughts

This is going to be mix of various random thoughts. I doubt I could write a coherent post about anything right now. I’m exhausted. Mentally most of all. I spent the whole weekend in retreat with some colleagues from our local Green party. Yesterday we spent about 9 hours and today 7 hours in serious and sometimes heated and most of all focused discussion of the municial budget for this year. These were the mere hours we worked so including lunch and dinner break we yesterday spent 11 hours and  8 hours today together. Talking.
I like to talk. In fact I talk a lot, when I’m with people I know and like. Most of my Green party folks belong into that category, so I actually enjoyed their company a lot and we also laughed a lot. But I’m just not used to spending so much time in constant company of somebody. More than one somebody :-) It can be exhausting and the fact that we had to focus on some rather complicated political issues was exhausting as well. So I’m all talked out tonight. Orally at least, I probably will ramble on in written words for a while longer now.

So, this all was exhausting and I had to get up rather early on both days, compared to the time of day I usually get up on weekends. I’d probably fall asleep soon, if I got to bed now. Which I don’t want to do. I have to gather some more information, put that up on our website, draft a press release for our “CO2 Lent” campaign. The press release should be in the newspapers on Wednesday, but the whole campaign idea isn’t really worked out yet. I guess I have about three more hours tonight, in which I can work on that. I really really have to, because it has to be proofread and amended by my colleagues tomorrow.

In about three hours I will switch on my TV and retreat to my armchair. I didn’t manage to get groceries on Friday, so I had to go to the little kiosk down the street to restock with snacks and chocolate and some coke. All the unhealthy stuff which belongs to … OSCARS night! I might be exhausted, but I’m also kind of excited already. Inspired book232 my take on this years awards. Unfortunately I haven’t seen many of the nominated movies or perfomances. I’ve still got favourites though, even if I haven’t actually seen the movie (yet). So here are the nominees which / who I’ve seen and who I want to win:

Actor supporting role
Seen: Michael Shannon
Winner: Heath Ledger (not just because it’d be a wonderful posthume honor, but because his perfomance has definitely impressed me)

Actress supporting role

Seen: Tarija P. Henson
Winnner: Tarija P. Henson

Actor leading role:

Seen: Brad Pitt
Winner: Sean Penn (Sorry, Hai_di *g*, I just like him a lot and I’m sure his perfomance was as impressive as always)

Actress leading role:
Seen: –
Winner: Kate Winslet (Angelina might also deserve it, but Kate was so cute at the Globes. Although Angelina would probably thank Brad, which could be cute as well. I really don’t care about the other three, so I keep my fingers crossed fo either Kate or Angelina)

Best Picture:
Seen: Benjamin Button
Winner: Difficult choice. Button was a great movie and would be a worthy winner. But I guess, because of Sean Penn and the message of the movie I tend a bit more towards Milk. Frost/Nixon is most probably a worthy winner as well, so …. yeah, really tough choice.

But that’s what makes this show tonight so so exciting. Oh, and of course, the host himself is worth staying up until the early morning. It’s Hugh Freaking Jackman! *drools*

I don’t really feel like working on or thinking about that campaign press release. Damn, I have to get that done… After I finish that entry. There were some more things I wanted to write about… *ponders*.

I’m already in that careless state of mind of a sleep-deprieved person. Writing this entry is disrupted by my urge to dance around in my apartement every once in a while. And I don’t actually care about uncovering this by writing about it. Yes, careless :-) I’ve been listening to hockey on the Iserlohn’s local radio earlier and they did not just broadcast the game (or at least the last period) but also played the same music as the DJ at the rink. So much fun to listen to. As well as the songs is playing for me at the moment. At some songs I just can’t sit still, I have to move. Thank god for wireless headphones, because of course I have to turn up the volume now, but still won’t disturb the neighbours. Not that the guy living on the floor above would should the same kind of consideration. Not at all. I have to endure quite crappy and loud music every once in a while.

Talking about sounds… after four days of wearing it I love the jingling sound of my trollbeads bracelet more and more.

And that was such a pathetic train of thoughts, that I really really should end this post now. I don’t think proofreading would make much sense in my state of mind now. If you find a mistake, feel free to keep it. [I don’t know if that makes much sense in English, but that’s how I would translate the saying with which I would end this post in German]

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