The Good & The Bad of Week 6

Well… it might tell you something about my week, when there only is another list at the end of it. Although I have to admit that I probably could have used my spare freetime (late at night) better than with just visiting the White House. But at least that’s a pretty entertaining and relaxing way to spend my free time. So entertaining that instead of the one or two episodes I ended up watching four. And I was tempted to watch a fifth and finish the 2nd season with that, but I’m reasonable and postpone that to another day…

The Good…

  • I started with Kieser Training again
  • Harry Potter audiobooks read by Stephen Fry
  • McDreamy wants all of Meredith’s “crappy babies” *sigh*
  • “The West Wing”
  • Team Germany is going to Vancouver in 2010!
  • I’m getting my daily (weekly, well regulary ) doses of V., the cutest baby I’ve ever seen
  • I completed some of the Green politic things I wanted to finish
  • I started to work on my term papers again

The Bad…

  • Extremly busy days and lots of work at the office and the homeofficce as well
  • I already know that I don’t have any free afternoon / evening in the next week
  • I screwed up an assignment for job#2
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