A few first thoughts on Grey's

I’m in a hurry and won’t be able to be online for more than a few minutes until late Saturday or maybe even Sunday morning. I’ve got a work an extra shift this afternoon and then there’s “The Killers” concert tonight (YAY!) and I have to work all day tomorrow, which means I won’t get much sleep tonight either, because of the concert and having to get up early tomorrow.
At least I managed to watch Grey’s this morning, although there were some technical difficulties. Like a notworking powerstrip and such. Argh! I read a few episode comments before I watched it and I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it that much. But I did. Even though Derek was trying so hard to stop me from loving him :-)

The last scene was what I read most about in advance so I thought it would be worse to watch than it actually was. Yes he was cruel and said mean things, but we all know he can have a mean streak when he’s hurt. He called Meredith a whore in season2, because he was so jealous. So, yes, that character trait isn’t really a suprise but it’s hard to watch anyway. He is in such a dark place right now, wallowing in self-loathing and of course that leads to him pushing Meredith away. But… and that’s the wonderful news, she won’t let him. She is standing by his side, taking all his insults, because she knows he doesn’t mean that. She’s been there before. Well, maybe not with saying the hurtful things he said, but with the being drunk and pushing people away. Did I already mention that I love the way their relationship is evolving. The way Meredith is evolving. Just love this couple.

And there was Alex. OMG Alex, the future of this hospital! I freakingly loved his storyline and Justin did such a wonderful job. (So did Paddy, of course). But Alex always has been my second favourite guy on the show and this episode once more proved why. He is awesome. He’s acting all cool but his trembling hands clearly proved that he’s not. It already breaks my heart to see him go through all the Izzie drama. Izzie finally got a diagnosis. Yay. Not a good one though, not good at all. Might Derek have to step in in the end and save her? It’s brain tumor after all…

I will be back with a long and decent *g* episode review on Sunday so I leave this with one last thing to say: Chief: Go Away! Go far far away and take your wife with you! You are so getting on my nerves lately.So just… GO!

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