IV 4 & US Presidents…

Four done, one left to go tomorrow. I was so groggy last night, went to bed around 10.45 pm and got about 5 and 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Plus some short naps for the rest of the night, well morning actually. But it definitely was in improvement. I felt rather relaxed, when I got up. At least for the situation I’m in. And the corticosteroids help to keep the tiredness at bay during the day. I was actually feeling up to think about some stuff. About local politics and budgets and such. Vast improvement to the days earlier this week, which were only spent with watching DVDs. I love watching DVDs, but when you know you could and actualyl should spent the day more productive, it makes you feel bad to not be able to just that.

Anyway, today I did. I also spent some time doing Facebooks quizzes. Pointless I know, but fun every once in a while. And one made me laugh so hard, because the question which West Wing character I am, was answered with… no, not Donna Moss, but Jed Bartlet himself. Which is especially funny at the moment, with me on MS sick leave and all. And there wasn’t even a question about health problems.  But I’m obviously presidental material… :-)

Tonight I finally managed to watch Frost/Nixon at the cinema and I really hope that I will never turn into that sort of presidental material. Well Nixon did something very un-presidental, so I shouldn’t need to worry. I liked the movie and I have to admit I knew (and still know) just very little about the whole Nixon/Watergate thing. I wasn’t even born when he resigned from office. And I haven’t heard about the Frost/Nixon interviews until I saw the movie trailer last year. So, it was definitely worth watching.

Did anything else noteworthy happen today? I spent almost an hour on the phone with an old friend, which I hadn’t talked to in years. And we didn’t mail and just lost sight of each other and then – thanks to the internet and all the wonderful social networks – we found each other again. So much has changed in her life (compared to my boring life in the last few years), I really enjoyed talking to hear and we’re determined to not wait years again before we get in touch again.

I’m off to bed now and admit that I almost wish that I don’t sleep too much tonight as well. Because that means I could watch Grey’s tomorrow morning before i have to leave for the doc. And I really don’t want to have to wait to watch that episode until noon. “Elevator Love Letter”. The title says it all, doesn’t it? I’m pretty excited and I really hope I won’t be disappointed…

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