Medical issues…

It seems like the busy weeks and all the stress are taking a toll on me. Or at least on my central nervous system and my immune system. Because after only five months I’m having a new acute MS attack at the moment :-(
It’s not that bad and it sort of sneaked into my life without me really realizing it at first. My legs felt unusual heavy last week, but I thought that it had been caused by overstraining my legs. But even when I took it slow it didn’t get better and I noticed that walking up and down steps felt unusual difficult. I also noticed that my legs kind of cramped when I got up after sitting for a longer period of time and it took me a few seconds to actually feel like I can move them they I used to. This was and is a completely new symptom for me, which feels strange, but didn’t and still doesn’t worry me that much. I almost worry more about the fact that I’m not overly worried. Yes, my brain works in strange ways sometimes. I’m even more worried about the strange pain and numb feeling in my shoulder, which must be an ortho thing or something like that. Because it just occurs every now and then. But it got worse, which irritates me a little …

Anyway, I had the routine neuro appointment on Friday so I didn’t went to the practice before that to have some tests done. But these were done on Friday and based on all that and my own assessment of the situation the doc suggested to do the standard corticosteroid cycle of 5x1000mg IV. Because it obviously wasn’t a really acute attack (I waited about a week before I went to the doc after all) there was no immediate need to start the IVs on Friday (I was already 12.30 pm after all) and so I was spared the annoying procedure to spend my weekend mornings at the ER to get the IVs on Saturday/Sunday.
I will get the first IV on Monday at my neuro’s practice and hopefully I will feel better next weekend. Well, I will go through my usual withdrawal on Saturday afternoon, which won’t be fun, but I will manage. I just hope the sideeffects won’t bother me that much and that I can relax during the week. I guess my body is sending distinctive signals that it needs rest! And the thing is: I was thinking about taking a week off in April to finally get some rest from my busy work life anyway. I guess I can save these leave days for a real vacation in the summer :-)

I gave up giving up chocolate for Lent at the moment, because I need some chocolate to get through this. At least I needed it today, before the corticosteroids will ruin my sense of taste for the next week. I have to pack enough things to read tomorrow and put some decent songs and audiobooks on my cellphone to block out any boring and annoying conversation at the practice tomorrow. I’m sure you can expect a lot of blog posts and tweets from me throughout the next week.

This might also give me the chance to catch up on my studying (well, or maybe not) and especially to catch up on my TV series. I still haven’t watched the last two weeks of Brothers & Sisters. And I’ll most probably will spend some time with my fellow MS patient Jed. Or more important his staff at the White House. :-)

I finally caught up with Private Practice tonight. Is it wrong to wish and hope that someone would commit adultery *g*? I have to admit I don’t really care that much about the patients at PP and I was strangely dettached to some of the doctor’s private lifes. But then suddenly there was Noah and it took me a while (and the IMDB, of course) to remember where I knew him from. He was the counterpart of Kitty Walker at the politcal talkshow and back then I hoped they would hook up. They did for a night, didn’t they? Anyway, he left the show and I was sad to see him go. But now he is back on PP, at least for a little while, I think and I love it.
And even though it’s so wrong (morally and professionally) and even though Addisons really should know better, because she’s been part of a drama like that before, I still want them to go for it. I don’t know, but I really like the whole idea of this twisted and complicated relationship. Like I said my brain works in strange ways sometimes…

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