Seize The Day (after IV 5)

It seems like it’s going to be a beautiful day today. At least it’s not raining, among the clouds the sun is shining. I’ve finished my corticosteroid cycle. Life is good. The meds were definitely working. Which made it easier to handle the sideeffects during the last few days. The vast lack of sleep. I only got another 5.5 hours tonight and hunger drove me out of bed around 6.30 AM. My mind is not really up yet, but it’s getting there. I feel unusual energized, which I always do after the 5th and last IV and before the dreadful withdrawal signs will start later this afternoon. The worst part of a heavy corticosteroid IV cylce, when every muscle from neck to hip feels sore. Really really sore, like I was used as a punching bag.
I should use the time until then to be productive. Use the energy. There is some work-related stuff, and local Greens stuff and the long forgotten termpaper. Plus dirty laundry and dishes and a messy apartment. I’m also tempted to visit a homeproduct retail store this afternoon. With all the time I’ve spent in front of the TV this week, I realized I really need something to put my feet on. Or I’ll ruin my back, the way I’m lounging in my armchair :-) This “thing” needs to be put out of the way easily though, because of the crowed space in my room. I’ve got some idea what to use. Not a real stool or table, because these might be to heavy to push it around whenever I’m going to leave my spot in front of the TV and want to do something else.

Am I the only one who is surprised about the big 100th episode spoiler Shonda Rhimes is supposed to have announced yesterday? Not suprised about the spoiler itself, but just about the fact that she just said it. Which totally spoiles the surprise, doesn’t it? But she probably knows why she did it. I hope she does :-)

Oh, well I should get going. Have some real breakfast instead of just the apple I had to satisfy my growling stomach an hour ago. Get out of my pjs, take a shower. Seize the day…

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