Tonight's To-Do-List

At the moment it seems that all I do is go to work (which at least is pretty easy going during the easter school holidays) and work on my termpaper. There is nothing noteworthy happening, so it’s not that awful that I don’t have the time to write a blog entry. At least I find the spare seconds to twitter every once in a while.

Just in case you’re interested… Among catching up with all kind of blogs and tweets and news sites and tvshow gossip sites the plan for the next 10 or so hours is to…

  • take a shower [I was supervised during my Kieser workout today and ended up more sweaty than usual. I wasn’t prepared to take a shower there and I would have gotten all sweaty on my way to the trainstation anyway :-)
  • clean the dishes
  • watch LOST [I prefer to do that during daytime, because I’m a wimp]
  • mail the drafts of some parts of our election programme to my fellow Greens
  • have some kind of dinner
  • edit and upload my daily project365 photo
  • continue to read termpaper literature
  • continue to write termpaper
  • look up the call numbers of aprox 40 books in the online catalogue of two different libaries (for the 2nd termpaper) [did so for one of the two libraries]
  • watch the first game of the Boston – Canadiens QF series at 01.00 AM [I know it’s crazy to stay up for something like that especially with all the things I actually have on my agenda, but I will be multitasking… kind of and I will use the time till then to work on my paper]
  • iron some laundry, while watching the hockey game
  • catch up with the stack of newspaper and unread magazines, while watching the hockey game
  • sleep :-) Not too long though because I have to use the day off tomorrow (and the weekend) to work on the termpaper
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  1. graefin says:

    nice list :) It’s better for me to not start such a list…would be too long and full of useless things.

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