Ramblings – Part 1

I started writing a blog post on Tuesday during my lunch break. I continued writing it during some idle time at the office yesterday. Today I have quite a few more (more or less insignificant) things I could and want to write about. And some things I wanted to write about have changed dramatically. But I’m trying to post all this stuff tonight anyway, because I will be very busy again tomorrow and probably on Saturday as well. Does that ever stop? Anyway … I will not put all the stuff in one post, because that could bore some of you to death. Even seperate post might still do that just as well *g*, but here is the hockey post.

I was so excited on Tuesday, because the Wasington Capitals won game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinal against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The series was tied again and it all came down to a final game 7 in Washington. I don’t think hockey can’t get any more exciting. On Tuesday I even found a great article on fanhouse.com about the whole "Ovechkin vs Crosby" thing, which I wanted (and will) cite from, because it’s so fabulously written. Especially with all the Ovechkin love

Ovechkin has that effect on people, and if you haven’t seen him in person, do yourself a favor and pay the money to watch him rip the quickest, hardest shot in the game past baffled goaltenders and then, like a human pinball, skate in a mad rush to the nearest sideboard so he can leap, crash into the glass and chest-butt the red-clad fans.

And I especially loved this part

Of all people to rip Ovechkin’s post-goal celebrations as extravagant, how about broadcaster Don Cherry, he of the gaudy attire and motor mouth? "Over the top," said Cherry, "like those goofy soccer guys jumping up and down." Puh-lease. The last thing hockey needs is another boring superstar. I wish there were 10 Ovechkins, but for those of us who would love to love hockey, at least there is one who will be around the next dozen years.

Take a look at Cherry’s usual outfit … and this guy is talking about goofiness? Puh-lease, indeed.

So I was really excited about game 7 and was planning to watch it, no matter what. And I did. Kind of… Well, my alarm woke up last night at 1.15 AM and I watched the first period, still lying in bed. I had to read what others thought about the game, so I got up and watched while I was reading and typing for the second period. I went back to bed after the first few minutes of the third, not because I was too tired (even though I was), but because Pittsburgh already led 6:1 (!!!) and even I didn’t see how the Caps could turn that around within 15 minutes.

The thing is, the Caps didn’t show up in that game. They were on the ice, obviously, but it wasn’t the team I was cheering and hoping for during the last two weeks. It looked like they either forgot how to play brilliant hockey or like they didn’t really want to win. I don’t know what went wrong but it went wrong big time. I mean, Ovechkin lost the puck to Crosby on centre ice. To Crosby, of all people! If I were a real big Caps fan it probably would have broken my heart to see my team lose like that in game 7. So it just made me sad a bit. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Boston now and hope that they will sweep off Crosby and the Penguins in the Conference final. Just because… :-) Boston has to win their game 7 for that tonight. Without me in front of the screen. I don’t think any other team than the Habs and the Caps will make me get up in the middle of the night during the week. Even though it’s still fun to do. Most of the time. If it just didn’t mean being so so tired on the day after…

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