Ramblings – Part 2

This is the post for all the frustrating and annoying things of this week so far. I don’t want to spent too much time writing about it, because it probably would be better to not dwell on it, let it go and just move on. The thing is, that I always have a hard time to just let it got and writing about it, even if it’s just a short omnious post, might help. I’m working on not letting all this stuff get to me (and I hope reading “The Four Agreements” might help with that. When I some day will find the time to read it *g*). But I’m not there yet and until there will be a post like this every once in a while.

I still don’t know if I will get a completly new assignment for the paper I flunked or if I can just continue working on that one. I asked the staff at the department over the phone before I didn’t hand in the paper. The first student assistant said, I would not get a new assignment. The mail I got a few days later regarding the procedure of repeating it, sounded a bit different. So I called again today. Another student assistant wasn’t sure about if I get a new assignment or could continue the old one. He asked the program’s coordinator and he wasn’t sure either, but wanted to find out and let me know on Monday. Seriously? I can’t be the first one to fail/flunk an assignment. They should know how to deal with that. This still leaves me baffled. I don’t want to let this thing slide again and really continue working on it. But I won’t continue to work on the old stuff, if these questions won’t be the ones I have to answer. But it’s taking them quite a few days to send mails to be available on the phone and to get back to me, so I’ve been in the loop for almost two weeks now. Which sucks.

The other frustrating thing is too complicated to explain in detail. I’d have to write a lot about the electorial system for town council and all kinds of legal and electorial stuff, which is to complicated to explain in English. At least when I’m running on only a few hours of sleep. The thing is, that my fellow Greens are frustrating me at the moment. In my small town the Green party only has got a few members and even less are more or less actively participating. But even these right now are hesitating or refusing to step up. And there are so many things on my mind I could say to them, but can’t, because these are rather cynical thoughts and uttering them won’t help. Not the cause and not me. So I have to find a way to put the essence of my thoughts in a non-cynical way and hope that I will be able to convince some of them. But it’s so frustrating.

And game 7 last night was frustrating, but I already covered that :-)

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2 Responses to Ramblings – Part 2

  1. L says:

    How do they not have experience with this? That’s baffling to me.

  2. liljan98 says:

    Baffling to me too. Maybe it’s because I didn’t fail the paper by writing the incorrect answers, but by just not handing it in, because there must have been other failed papers before me. Maybe no one ever wanted to repeat :-)?

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