Happy Moments (Week 23/2009)

It’s already Tuesday and I haven’t posted my list of the happy moments of last week. Shame on me. But I’ve been busy with elections stuff on Sunday and we went to a pub in the evening to celebrate. Yesterday was packed as well and today wasn’t much better. I’m in need of a vacation! I have no idea how I will be able to get ready for my trip (do the usual shopping, sorting through my clothes to decide which to pack, organize stuff that has to be done, while I’m gone…) until next Friday. When I thought about it this afternoon I had a minor freakout. Thank god it’s another long weekend (Thursday’s a public holiday in my part of Germany and I’ve got Friday off anyway).

Enjoying the public holiday and the sun, reading outside on my patio under the finally fixed sunshades

Discovering “Calling You” by Blue October while
I’m enjoying the evening outside on my patio, listening to a great song collection on my personal last.fm station

No suspicious moles or skin abnormalities anywhere at the dermatologist’s checkup

Realizing that the fear of embarrasment was – once again – totally unnecessary

When Bro3 agreed to pick me up by car half way on my way home from work.

A trip down memory lane

Celebrating the good results for the Greens at the Election of the European Parliament

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