Various Stuff From This Week…

There are so many different blog posts in my head, but I just never got around to write them this week. Or I didn’t feel like writing or I didn’t know how to put my thoughts into words. And I’m not even talking about the idea for a post I had even two weeks ago and still haven’t written yet. This will be one of these posts with various topics. They also might seem rather random…

We had an eventful week at work. Not a lot of big events took place, but some bigger issues were solved. For the better I hope. I still feel bad about some things, I neglected to do or forgot about. Maybe I need some re-organisation of my field and schedules as well. And I definitely need to keep better track of assignments and to-do-lists and such. Yeah, I still feel bad. And then I’m annoyed that I feel that bad, because in my mind these mishaps always are bigger and I messed up much worse than I actually did. My screwed up mind and low self-esteem just like to make me feel worse than I actually have to. On the other hand, it’s a good thing that I at least catch my mind playing these dirty tricks on me and I can take a step back and re-evaluate and in most cases realize that it’s not all that bad. I don’t know… I just spend quite some time thinking about these things this week and how I can change my way of thinking and feeling.

I also spent a lot of time listening to a song I heard for the first time on Tuesday. Well, according to I have listened to it four times during the last three years, but I honestly don’t remember. on Tuesday evening though I was enjoying the sunny weather outside on my patio, I had just painted my toe nails (because it’s freaking summer, even though it doesn’t feel like it since Wednesday) and was listening to a really great song collection on my personal station on my wireless headphones. Life was good.
Suddenly there was this new song, which I liked from the start and during the second verse I was totally hooked. The song is “Calling You” by Blue October. [follow the link to listen to the complete song on]. And it was one of these moments you can’t explain, at least I always have a hard time explaining why I’m crazy about a song. It might be the lyrics or the music or the voice or a combination of all of it. I can’t say. Maybe I was and still am just in the right mood to like a song about being madly in love. Which I am not at the moment, so maybe the song should rather make me depressed. But it doesn’t. Not at all. I just love it.
This song will probably dominate my charts very much over the next few week. I have never heard of this band before and I’m so happy that I discovered it via, because I liked the other songs I listened to online or at the store. So I ordered their latest two albums online and will probably download their first successful one, which includes this song. I’ve subscribed to their myspace blog and follow them on twitter and am looking forward to get the 2 CDs, which are already in the mail. So, I’m totally hooked. Let’s see how long that will last :-)

Change of topic: A while ago I wrote about Bro2’s house which is being build next to my mom’s. The houses will share one heating system in the future, and the pipes and heating devices in my mom’s house have to be renewed for that. To do all that some furniture hand and have to be moved and during that process some long forgotten items in the back or the top of cupboard and shelves are discovered. I wore the white hair decoration during the festivities of First Communion in 1984. 25 years ago! The really funny thing is that my mom and I couldn’t figure out or even disagreed about where on my head the comb was placed until we checked the pictures. My mom was right and I had it in the middle on top of my head. And of course it didn’t fit today or looked really weird, because my head is bigger than it was when I was 9 years old *g*
In early 1985 I dressed up as “Piroschka” for carnival and added the colorful ribbons. For all the Germans who don’t know or remember the 1950s movie “Ich denke oft an Piroschka” and for all the non-german readers: The movie is set in 1920s in rural Hungary. The following is a photo of the photo in the photo album so it’s a bit blured. Anyway that’s what I looked like as Piroschka almost 25 years ago. Young, lovely and innocent *g*


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2 Responses to Various Stuff From This Week…

  1. Lindsay/LJ says:

    I have pictures just as wacky – but with a blond jew-fro (like an afro for a little white girl). And aside from loving that song, I’m smiling knowing we’re pretty much the same age. You can never tell on the ‘net.

  2. liljan98 says:

    I would have loved to have curls! But probably just because my hair was so straight.
    One of the things I love about the internet is that I get to know and connect with people I would have never met (or talked to) in real life for one reason or the other. I would have missed out on so much :-)

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