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The last few weeks proved that twitter has definitely changed my way of blogging. Before I started to use twitter I posted much more, because whenever I had to get some of the mundane, ordinary stuff off my chest, I sat down and wrote a blog post about it. Twitter gets things off my chest and thoughts out of my mind so much quicker and easier than a blog post. But add busy days and weeks into the mix and a lot of stories I usually would have written about remain untold, because I don’t find the time or am too tired to write a post about it. I don’t know yet how I feel about that development.

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I was – once again – pretty busy with work this week, but at least everything I had to work on or had to deal with, went well so far. My local Greens finally have a candidate for each electorial district, which wasn’t easy to accomplish and which actually troubled me a lot a few weeks ago. So this load is definitely off my mind. During the last couple of days I even managed to start working on the school assignment I have to repeat. I have to return some of the books soon, because they’d be due during my vacation, so I have to at least skim through them and copy relevent parts.

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I’ve also been able to finetune parts of my vacation, like finding out about the best way to travel from Glasgow to New Lanark and such. When I put together all my train tickets and reserverations etc. I had a momentarily freakout because my train ticket / schedule said I have 24 minutes to change from the ICE to the EuroStar in Bruxelles. I checked the EuroStar website and they say that I have to check-in to the EuroStar at least 30 minutes before departure. Oh no! My ticket is only valid on this specific train and if I’d miss it I’d have to pay a much higher fare on the next train. But I couldn’t even had booked an earlier train from Cologne to Bruxelles because there were only a few available with this special London offer.
So I called the national rail company, (which sold me the ticket!) and the woman I talked to had to look it up herself, but she told me that check-in for the EuroStar would be at least 20 minutes before departure. It’s still a tight schedule! She also said that she hasn’t heard of someone not allowed to board the train, even if he/she arrived later. I’m not sure how trustworthy this information from someone on the hotline is though :-) I just have to keep my fingers crossed that everything works out well…

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Yesterday afternoon I actually planned to write something like a “Show & Tell” post about brownies and why and since when I love them and what memories I will always link them to. I didn’t get around to do it though and now I’m too tired and lack the motivation. I’d say I might write the post later on, maybe tomorrow, but I already know that it’s most probably not going to happen…

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I really should go to bed soon, because I didn’t sleep enough last night. I was crazy enough to get up in the middle of the night to watch the last game of the Stanley Cup final. The alarm rang at 2 AM, but I decided to stay in bed for another hour. I watched most of the 2nd period and saw the two Pens’ goals and thought it might help the Wings, if I go back to bed. Yeah, silly and superstious me. I watched the 3rd period from my bed, more or less awake, and turned off the TV the minute the game was over. I don’t begrudge the Pens the Cup, but I had no desire to see Crosby celebrate.

In other sport news I’ve been spending a lot of time watching motorsport this week (and twittering about it *g*). Well on Thursday and today and it’s on in the background at the moment. Because Patrick Dempsey is participating in the 24 hours of Le Mans! Which is a huge huge deal for him and for any race car driver I suppose. I never used to watch racing and I will not watch any race Paddy isn’t participating in, but as long as he is in it I’ll try to at least stay informed about his results and all.
Eurosport is broadcasting the whole race, so I should take advantage of that. I like that I’m able to watch a race he’s in live on TV, even though there isn’t much footage of Paddy or his team. And in the few moments their car or Paddy himself is on the screen, the commentators are going out of their way to make fun of Paddy (and the team) and to sneer at them and to just be rather disrespectful. It’s annoying me to no end. Paddy and Joe and Don qualified, they have every right to be there. Oh well, I guess I’m overreacting and overprotective, I tend to do that when I’m in fangirl-y mode :-) But it’s so frustrating: I finally have the chance to see some live footage of Paddy doing the thing he is so crazy about and I never hear anything nice or positive about him, just the sneering at a “wannabe racecar-driver”.

I guess I just have to keep to reading what Paddy himself thinks about the race and the whole experience. Because Paddy joined the blogosphere *squee* Even if only for the few days the whole race experience lasts, but still. His blogs can be found at speedtv.com and the following link will take you there directly.

Paddy’s LeMans Blog

It’s so much fun to read how crazy and enthusiastic he is about this whole experience.

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