Grumpy Old Me

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. But I’ve been feeling so grumpy lately. Indifferent to so many things, which I probably should care a bit more about. Maybe feeling slightly overwhelmed by the amount of various things I have to deal with. Even though none of these things is a big deal it self and even combined it’s not really anything which should overwhelm me. And I excel at the art of procrastination, which doesn’t help to make me feel any better, rather the contrary. I feel good while I am procrastinating (which in my case usually means reading the “neverending” story of Jamie & Claire Fraser). But I feel equally bad at the end of the day, when I have once more postponed stuff till the next day.

Maybe this post will be a reminder to work and live in a more organized and productive way. I might even write some blog posts which are more than just vacation picture. Which remindes me, that there are still a few Edinburgh pictures I wanted to show. Ahhh, sometimes I am such a lazy bum. And I just feel… I can’t even say how I feel. Weird. And grumpy!

I better end this post now and take care of some work-related stuff. The things I couldn’t work on at the office, because I mailed the wrong files from here to my office last night *sigh* Not just lazy and grumpy, but also inattentive.

Totally unrelated information: I saw the Harry Potter movie last night and I actually liked it quite a lot. Probably because I don’t remember the book in detail and I’m not such a huge Harry Potter fan to begin with. It was entertaining and that’s all that matters…

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