Quick Hello from Edinburgh

Yesterday the european heatwave reached Scotland at last. On my first day in Edinburgh it was 30 C and I was exploring the city on foot. Sweating and getting sunburnt! In Scotland! Who would have thought… And I DID use sunscreen, just apparently forgot some parts of my neck when I applied it again after lunch.
But enough complaining about the weather, because it has been great so far. Except for a bit of rain on the first morning of the Highland tour we had the perfect weather. 22 – 24 C, sunny, a few clouds now and then and lots of wind at the coast. I absolutely loved the Highlands. Loved, loved LOVED it. There was so many different landscapes to see and they all were magnificent.
I wasn’t aware that we spent so much time on the road (stupid me, I should have realized it before *g*) but I didn’t really minded it that much. I was just surprised, that’s all. I was the only person travelling on my own in the travel group, the rest were couples or groups of friends or family, but that was ok. More about the trip when I’m back home, because right now I’m unable to put it all into just a few words. And my internet time doesn’t allow for more than a few words :-)

I reached Edinburgh on Wednesday evening and did a Hop-on-hop-off tour yesterday, which was probably a expensive way to get a first impression of Edinburgh, because I just hopped off once at the last stop and never hopped on again. The things I want to visit are all more or less in walking distance. But anyway I got a good first impression. I spent quite some time at the castle, strolled around a bit, spent some time in the Princes Street Gardens, and later in the evening I walked up Calton Hill again (I was there in the morning already) to have another look at the city from above. It’s so so much better than Glasgow, at least it’s  much nicer to look at with all the mediveal historical buildings and all.
This morning I did a tour of the Scottish Parliament building and actually wanted to visit some small museums along the Royal Mile, but I found my brain was too tired to take anything in :-) After lunch I will have to find a pub or cafe where I can watch Andy Murray in the semi-final and will probably miss the opening hours of any of the museums or galleries. But witnessing the maybe Scottish / British tennis history while I am IN Scotland is so tempting. And at least I don’t have to move while I’m watching a screen :-)

There still is time for museums and galleries tomorrow and I plan to at least visit the Museum of Scotland and maybe the National Gallery. On Sunday morning I will take the bus out to the Royal Yacht Britannia, because a couple of my travel group recommend that. And in the afternoon I hope to watch Murray in the final! And on Monday I’m already going home, so this is most probably the last post from Scotland. Much more and lots of photos will follow when I’m back home next week…

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