Another Thursday evening update

It seems like I’m only going to update my blog on Thursday nights for the next few weeks, because I’m so insanely busy with our Greens local election campaign. And kind of busy with work as well. I’m so grateful for the two hours I spend on the train each day, because that’s about the only time I can immerse into the world of Jamie and Claire Fraser (Outlander series book 6). I try to take short breaks from all the work I have to do at home and spend a few minutes reading, but these are just short breaks. I spent too many hours every evening in front of the computer and not in a fun way, but with writing and proof-reading and putting together a mailing to 2000 first-time-voters.
I have – once again – a couple of things I have to work on tomorrow, I have to attend an work-related event on Saturday (almost all Saturday) and on Sunday there will be the start of the season game (with lots of stuff happening) of my hockey team, the Cologne Sharks. So even the weekend is going to be insanely busy.And so will the next one I’m afraid. I could so use a vacation right now.

There is not much to write about anyway. I finally got the grades for the last termpaper I handed in in April. 86/100 which is a very solid B. (meaning “very good” or 1,8 on the german grade scale.) So it’s really pretty good. Today I finally found the time to read the detailed grading/report for the various parts of the paper and some of the criticsm bothered me. Because it was so spot on and even I can see that now, looking back on it. I shouldn’t beat myself up about it for too long after all. I got 86 of 100 points, which is quite something. Life sure is complicated for a “glass half empty” person.

My digital camera finally broke down for good. It started to not work properly every once in a while during my vacation in Scotland. Probably because it fell down one too many times. Every once in a while the lense got stuck, when it was supposed to retract. I don’t know how to better explain it in English and I’m too tired to actually look it up. Anway, yesterday the lense didn’t move at all anymore. Too bad. When the problem first occured I thought about replacing the camera some time soon. Whenever I thought I’d find the time to look into it, check some websites, read some reviews and all. I really need a camera at the moment though, for some of the campaigning stuff and the work-related event and all.
So I spent a few minutes online last night reading up on various tests and reviews and all. The old camera was a “Canon Powershot A610”. The newer models of the “Canon Powershot” series got quite good reviews and busy as I am right now I wasn’t inclined to get a camera I just had to get to know again. So I tried out handling a few of the newer Canon models at the shop and made my decision pretty quick. The new one is the Canon Powershot A1100 IS”, which is much smaller than the old one. But not too small for my pudgy fingers :-)

I think there actually were a couple of other things I wanted to write about, but I don’t remember them right now… My life is so boring at the moment *sigh*

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