Four more (hopefully less busy) weeks

I really thought that the most busy weeks of campaigning were over. That I could use my evening for something like… reading, studying, watching “The West Wing”. Instead of doing any of that I spent most of my free time this week with correct the typo (well two actually) in a headline on our electorial leaflet. I wish I could blame anyone but me for that mishap, but I can’t. I somehow produced two typos in a five word headlne *headdesk* But there is only so much my brain can handle and there was stress enough with this leaflet. So now we all did spend a lot of time deleting the typos (and half of the headline, but it still makes sense, thank God) with our new best friends the “Tipp-Ex pocket mouse”.
Yesterday and today I spent a couple of hours walking around my neighbourhood, distributing the leaflets to every mailbox. Which meant climbing a lot of stairs in the process. I considered it my Game On! exercise, which made it bearable. Even though I should get more than 20 points for all the effort :-).

So, not much else happened this week. A friend and I saw Revolverheld in concert last night, which was pretty awesome. Those guys know how to rock and we had a great time. I’m starting my first round of the “Game On!” Diet and I’m so curious how it’s going to turn out. I tried to live by the rules for the last 10 days and I already lost almost 4 pounds. Which might mostly be due to the fact, that I cut back on my favourite treat, the “Mars Planets” and also didn’t even once got something at Starbucks.

Favourite moment of this week: On Friday I booked a short vacation (20th – 24th September), which is exactly four weeks from now. I really really need a few days off. Away from home and all the paid and voluntary work and campaigning and just… get away. I will probably take my school stuff with me, or at least some of it, because I really really have to get back to work much more for my classes. It’s great that I can do my classes on my own schedule with this distance education graduate program. But I have to work on it at some point. I hope September will be less busy after all, so I might be able to do some of that stuff here at home and don’t have to work so much while I’m away. But I’ll definitely take the stuff with me to Norderney, which is where I’ll be spending my vacation. Yay! I’ve been there for the first time in 2006 and loved it and I’m so so looking forward to go back there.

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