Grey's Anatomy 6.03 – "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me"

I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun watching an Grey’s episode. I liked or even loved a lot of the final episodes of season 5 for various reasons. But there hadn’t been a light, funny and cute episode in a while, wasn’t it? So this episode was long due.

Can I just state how much I hate Richard Webber? From this episode on I will not call him “chief” because he acted so not like a chief. I get that it might be hard to decide which persons to fire, but the way he handled it was just wrong. So wrong. Derek was on his side, so the way Webber treated him was totally uncalled for. And then he just has HR send out an email to the ones who are fired? He doesn’t have the decency to tell them in person? And he talks about the staff being his “people”? Jerk! And a coward! Derek on the other hand…. 100% Chief material. He talked to those people. He thanked them, he offered support, he was what a good boss should be. Totally rooting for Chief Shepherd now.

The decision who has to go and who can stay once again proves that it is just a TV show, because you don’t fire pregnant women. At least not in Germany. And you don’t keep the surgeon who already have screwed up, like found a secret “let practices sutures on ourselves” society. Or the ones who cut LVAD wires. *g*

I loved the way the doctors dealt with the merger and their fear of getting fired. Well, they didn’t really deal, they were paranoid about it. This was once again one of the voiceovers I could perfectely relate to, because I am one of those guys. Thinking about the worst thing that could happen, even though there is no indication that any worse thing might happen at all. I will try to “be here, just as I am” more often in the future :-)

So, the attendings stayed calm, which was a relief, because I want those guys to stay calm in a crisis. I liked to see Bailey in her dark blue attending scrubs and that she started to act like herself again. Caring deeply about her patients, being a great doctor and even though she isn’t the chief resident anymore she will always be the one who actually runs the surgical wing. “Stop talking, your words are hurting me!” LOL. Classic Bailey.
I enjoyed Lexie’s craziness in this episode. She was really cute and Mark was adorable when he tried to calm her down. “Can I get Lexie back?” I could get used to see him comfort Lexie in every episode now, even though I don’t wish Lexie to be upset every episode. But I guess we’ll see more of caring boyfriend Mark in the next episode, with sick Thatcher and all. Mark was wonderful in this one. With Lexie and all on his own, re-attaching babies’ arms.

Cristina was hilarious all through the episode, trying to suck up to Arizona. In Peds for all specialties. So so wrong for Cristina and so much fun to watch. Just as much fun was the moment, when she wanted Owen to talk to the Webber on her behalf. “Schindler’s list? You’re comparing this merger to the holocaust?” – “I’m jewish. I’m allowed.” Oh, Cristina. Classic.
The cafeteria scene with her, Mer, Alex and Lexie was almost vintage Grey’s, even though George and Izzie were missing. “My patient fell down a flight of stairs.” – “Is it surgical”? Oh Alex, you are the best. But seriously he was amazing again, with all the little things he did for Izzie. He has a right to hover. He looked to cute, during the lunch in scrubroom.

I really really like Arizona. She is a great doctor, and just like Bailey she cares deeply for her patients. Just like Bailey she also is noone you should mess with. She is hardcore in her own way. And pretty and cute and… yay, I guess I’ve got a tiny girlcrush :-) Meredith was cute in this episode as well. She wasn’t much in it and we all know why. I have to say they did a great job so far hiding Stella Luna from the world, with Meredith standing behind a counter or sitting behind something. I’m curious how they will manage that in the next episode which might be more Meredith-centric. I loved that Meredith stayed calm in all this. She had to deal with enough of her own personal drama an crisis during the last years, she can deal with a merger. The MerDer scene in the stairwell was adorable. I wish we’d see more of that caring, loving, stable relationship this season, even though Ellen Pompeos screen time is reduced.

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3 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 6.03 – "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me"

  1. L says:

    It’s funny, it was just an okay episode to me. There were cute moments – I loved “Mr. Bear” and the Mer/Der actual conversation, but a lot of it seemed off to me. Kinda forced to move some story lines along, if that makes sense. I like where they are going, but I find myself cringing at some of the dialogue at times. Kinda like the difference in the first few and last few seasons of The West Wing.

  2. liljan98 says:

    It’s funny indeed, that our opinions differ that much. I haven’t watched West Wing in a long while, because my DVD player is broken (and I’m busy). I’m not sure I’m going to like season 6 + 7 as much as the early ones though. Yes, wikipedia spoiled me so I know what’s going to happen and change… I’ll have to wait and see.

  3. L says:

    I know! It also could be with where I am now versus then. Grey’s was this oasis for me to escape to, and now, it’s still a fantastic vacation spot once a week, but not as much a hideaway for me. I’m still an addict though. :)

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